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Arapahoe County, Colorado

Arapahoe County in the State of Colorado is home to nearly 656,000 people. Throughout the entire State of Colorado, it ranks in at the 3rd most populous. The county seat is a location called Littleton. The city that has the highest population within this county is Aurora. It was so named “Arapahoe” due to the tribe of Arapaho Native Americans who once resided within the area. This county is also known as “Colorado’s First County” due to its origins dating back around the time of the Hold Rush in Pike’s Peak. It is part of the metropolitan statistical area of Denver-Aurora-Lakewood.

Cherry Creek Dam
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Historical Notations

On the 25th of August in the Year of 1855, the Territorial Legislature of Kansas created this county to provide governance to the western region of the Kansas Territory. The Arapaho Nation called the area home, so it was named after the Native Americans. Where Englewood is now located in the year of 1858, gold was found just along the South Platte River. This resulted in the Gold Rush of Pike’s Peak. The residents did not feel a connection to either Nebraska or to Kansas.

It was in October of 1859 that a vote was conducted on Jefferson Territory. Immediately following this, 12 counties were organized to become part of this new area. It was at this time that Arapahoe County was officially created and Denver was named as the county seat. Unfortunately, this was never sanctioned on a federal level. It was not until November of 1861 that the new county of Arapahoe was established. Denver served as its county seat until the year of 1902.

Just one year prior, the General Assembly in the State of Colorado split Arapahoe County into 3 different parts. This included Denver County, Adams County, and South Arapahoe County. It was In November of 1902 that Littleton was highlighted at the county seat of the South Arapahoe County. The name was then changed to just “Arapahoe County”. In November of 1904, the voters choose to keep Littleton as the county seat.

Basic Geography

Arapahoe County has a total of 805 square miles. A total of 798 of those square miles are land. Then, there is a total of 7.3 square miles that consists of water. On an east to west basis, the measurement of the county is 72 miles. On the north to south basis, it is 4 to up to 12 miles. A total of two of the exclaves are surrounded by both the City and County of Denver. Then, there is Holly Hills, and Glendale. The counties that surround Arapahoe County include the following:

  • Adams
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • Elbert
  • Jefferson
  • Lincoln
  • Washington

Basic Demographics

As of July of 2022, it was estimated that a total of 655,808 individuals resided within Arapahoe County, Colorado. There are currently 269,162 housing units. A total of 64.9% of all homes are occupied by the owner. The median value of these homes ranks in at $415,500. The average monthly mortgage is $2,020. Owners pay an additional $582 for maintenance and associated expenses with their homes. For renters, the average monthly rent rests at a total of $1,556.

There are a total of 247,251 households in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The persons per household average 2.61. Individuals 5 years and younger account for 5.6% of the population. Those 18 and under account for under 22.2%. Individuals that are 65 years old and older account for 14.6% of the total population. A total of 57.6% are adults 19-64. Females and males, both, account for a total of 50% of the population. The following represents the racial makeup of the county, as a whole:

  • White – 75.3%
  • Black – 11.9%
  • American Indian or Alaska Native – 1.2%
  • Asian – 6.9%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander – 0.4%
  • Two or More Races – 4.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 21.0%
  • White, Not Hispanic or Latino – 57.3%

The median household income measures in at approximately $53,570. The average income for a family is $63,875. Males make about $41,601 a year and females make about $31,612 a year. The per capita income for the entire county measures in at about $28,147. About 5.80% of all the families in the county are at or below the poverty line. The two populations most greatly impacted by poverty are those under the age of 18 and those that are over the age of 65.

Real Estate

It does not matter if you want to invest in real estate for business purposes, you want to purchase a home, you want to rent out a building for a business, or you want to relocate and rent, Arapahoe County, Colorado offers many opportunities. There are many different residential and commercial properties that are currently available. For example, you can obtain a ranch property with a backdrop of nature on Tom Bay Road or a two-story classic family home over in Aurora – the choice is yours!


When evaluating properties in and around Arapahoe County, Colorado, you should consider the educational opportunities available. This is especially true if you have a family with young children. There are 9 school districts in the area. These include Aurora, the Bennett, Byers, the Cherry Creek, Deer Trail, the Englewood, the Littleton, the Sheridan, and the Strasburg school districts. Cherry Creek High School is actually ranked #2 in the entire State of Colorado. There are several private schools, too. For example, the Kent Denver School that is located in the Englewood area. This is actually ranked as the #1 high school in the entire state!

In addition to K-12 education opportunities, the area offers higher education opportunities, too. There are two very big community colleges. These are the Arapahoe Community College – which is located in Littleton – and the Community College of Aurora. There are universities, too! These include the Colorado Technical University as well as the Medical Campus of the University of Colorado Anschutz. If you are interested in starting a real estate business in Arapahoe County, Colorado, you really should use the educational opportunities in the area as a solid selling point.

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