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If you’re looking to move to Denver, an ideal choice, according to those that live there, is the Berkeley neighborhood.

This region is bursting with the local flavor and the exquisite allure of Denver. Tucked between West Highland and Sunnyside, Berkeley offers numerous shopping venues, gorgeous parks, magnificent art galleries, culinary options, and a highly extravagant mixture of beautiful, trendy homes. This neighborhood is highly appealing to those that seek the communal atmosphere of a small town, yet, have the desire to be in the midst of the big city life.

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Home Selection

When visiting Berkeley, you will see a multitude of homes. It is common to observe cottages created with a high level of simplicity, modernized townhouses that include the latest and greatest in smart technology, and detailed bungalows created with beautiful bricks.

Each street located in Berkeley exhibits a vast array of character. The area is rich in culture and history. In exploring this alluring region, you are sure to find that you have a huge variety of options when it comes to home-buying and residential location.

Luxurious Parks

In the Berkeley Colorado neighborhood, you will have direct access to two immensely popular parks – the Rocky Mountain Lake Park and the Berkeley Lake Park. These areas are highly spacious and provide residents with the unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the natural world.

Rocky Mountain Lake Park provides guests with gorgeous mountain views, an appealing view of the rustic scenery of the lake and surrounding regions, and a small playground for children.

Berkeley Lake Park spans over an immense 83 acres and includes a public library. Visitors to the park have the ability to explore and enjoy walking trails, playing tennis, observing the historical plant life of the region, and the ability to borrow a book.

These two parks offer residents the ability to bond with their families and their neighbors in a fun and exciting environment.

Local Amenities

Berkeley offers a large assortment of local amenities. Top-rated features include unique dining opportunities, art galleries that include various types of exotic pieces, and trendy shopping experiences. In fact, many residents of the Denver, Colorado area frequent Berkeley to enjoy the local amenities.

In addition to trendy and high-class amenities, the neighborhood offers technologically-advanced fitness facilities, swimming that can be enjoyed year-round, and access to the gorgeous mountains.

Residents of the neighborhood often describe the area as one with its own trendy and unique vibe. Not only is it truly a gem to those that reside there, it is also a gem to those that live in the surrounding area. If you are in search of small-town spunk, high-class amenities, and a modernized community with historical overtones, the Berkeley neighborhood is the place to be!

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