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Brighton is a relatively large suburb of the City of Denver in the State of Colorado. The estimated population is just over 40,000. Situated just 20 miles northwest of the state capital located on Highway 85, it sits at an elevation of 4,984 feet.

The City of Brighton is part of both Adam County and Weld County. In fact, it is considered the county seat of the County of Adam. It has many distinguishing characteristics that make it both a suburb and a metro suburb. As a result, it is the perfect location for those that invest in either residential or commercial real estate and/or those seeking to relocate to the area.


Historical Facts

Brighton, Colorado was originally known as “Hughes Station”. It started in the year of 1859. It was during this time that many men claimed up the land in the region for their ranches on the Platte River. The goal by those during this time period was to locate gold. The truth of the matter was, their “gold” did not come to be in the way that they expected. Instead of making money on this element, they found that money came the easiest through livestock and the harvesting of various types of foods.

It was incorporated in the year of 1887 and named after Brighton Beach – which is in the State of New York. In 1904, it became the seat of Adams County. As the railroad came to the area, agriculture boomed. After World War II, the focus transitioned from agriculture to mining for construction materials. The close proximity to the International Airport in Denver makes it an area that continues to grow. The housing costs are low and there are many businesses that thrive in the area. As a result, it is an optimal location for real estate investing and a highly-desired region when it comes to living and working.


There are several well-known accommodations in the City of Brighton. These include Fairfield Inn & Suites, Best Western, and Candlewood Suites. While these are currently available, many real estate investors are currently evaluating the presence of land in the area to create additional accommodations for those that are in search of short-term and long-term rentals. If you are interested in the hotel, motel, or inn industry, you are sure to find many opportunities for development in and around the city. The true need, though, is the long-term accommodation market. Many families are in search of apartments and similar accommodations that include on-site family-friendly activities. If you are in the market, this city promises immense opportunities for success!

Houses for Sale

When you explore the real estate market in Brighton, Colorado – in terms of houses – you will quickly discover that now is the time to sell if you have an available property. These homes are going for anywhere from $300,000 to $900,000 – on average. In exploring the homes, you will find that most are single family homes. Today, people are in the market for the wide-open spaces and the beauty of large homes. Even more, they want access to the amenities available in the City of Denver, without the close-knit housing units and busy city life. This makes Brighton, CO the prime location! If you do not have current homes, it is advised that you consider looking for good buys or even vacant land. This area promises huge returns on your investments!


One of the main aspects of Brighton, Colorado that make it so attractive – apart from being so close to the City of Denver – are the many recreational opportunities available. It is the perfect location for families and those that have an appreciation for the great outdoors. Here, you have Barr Lake State Park where you can practice archery skills, camp with complete amenities, boating, fishing, and hiking. Additionally, there is Mitchell’s Park, the Colorado Front Range Trail, Pepper Pod Park, and more! It does not matter the age, the interests, or the skill level, there are recreational activities available in high numbers in and around the area of Brighton City!

Special Events

Throughout the year, there are many special events that occur in the City of Brighton. Naturally, these attract many people – even those from neighboring cities. Examples of these activities include:

It has been found that many families relocate to the region due to the fact that there are so many special events that occur throughout the year. If you invest in real estate, you should focus on those properties that are designed for families. Either single-family homes or multi-family homes are in high demand. Additionally, any type of complex that accommodates families with children are also quite popular in and around the area. People want to live, work, and play in an area that has a strong sense of community and many activities to indulge in. The special events help spark the sense of community and fun for residents. If you are in search of a home in a tight-knit community, Brighton is perfect for you!

Dining Hotspots

There are many dining opportunities in and around Brighton, Colorado. The following highlights the top hotspots for locals and visitors, alike:

  1. La Estrellita Mexican Restaurant and Cantina – This dining establishment includes both indoor and outdoor dining set ups. You will find that the menu is packed with the best classic menu. All of the salsas are unique and made from scratch.
  2. The Main Street Café – This is a very quaint shop and situated in an ideal location to easily enjoy a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch, and wonderful conversation. If you are into community and enjoy socializing, you will absolutely LOVE this café.
  3. Pho TJ – Do you have a passion for international cuisine? Do you love traditional Vietnamese foods? If so, you will love the menu at this privately-owned dining establishment!


In the City of Brighton, there are a number of manufacturing plants, a factory for blades for wind turbines, and others. These provide nearly 1,500 employment opportunities. There is a 396-acre shopping center and retail village. Here, there are many popular stores such as Super Target and JC Penny. Not only does this area offer many opportunities for employment, but it brings in quite a bit of money each year due to its manufacturing and retail industries. If you specialize in either industrial real estate or commercial real estate, you will find that you have many opportunities to absolutely thrive in and around Brighton, Colorado.

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