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If you are in search of a city that is dedicated to the unification of its inhabitants, an area that is distinguished by its level of commitment and pride to excellence, and possesses its own unique personality and identity, Broomfield, Colorado is the place for you.


Whether you are a real estate investor, a buyer, or are in search of the perfect rental, you will find that Broomfield’s planned community that balances both residential units and commercial units is the perfect location for your needs.

Housing Options

Broomfield, Colorado offers a large selection of housing options.

There are quaint starter homes perfect for new families, mid-level homes that are upscale, multi-million-dollar mansions, a variety of condominiums, a large selection of townhouses, various sized apartments, and rentals that are considered to be highly affordable.

Top-rated residential districts include 287 Hilltop, Arista, Broomfield Station, McKay Shores, the Midtown District, North-Park, the Panoramic District, and Parkway Circle.

There are approximately 50 subdivisions that include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Schultz
  • Lorimer Estates
  • Weaver Acres
  • Diamond Shamrock
  • Hunter Douglas
  • Flowerama
  • Croell Condos
  • North Sheridan
  • La Placa Estates
  • Patzer

The Basics

Broomfield became an official city in November of 2001, though it was founded in the year of 1877.

It measures a total size of 34 square miles and includes a total of 200 miles’ worth of streets, 290 miles of trails for walking and biking, and a whopping 63 different parks – all at an elevation of 5,344 feet.

The population measures in just under 67,000.

Though considered to be a relatively small region, the town is bursting at the seams with attractions, shopping venues, educational facilities, and opportunities.

Whether you are starting fresh or looking for a place to relax and unwind during retirement, Broomfield, Colorado has just what you need – and, more!

Broomfield’s Mission

Unlike other towns, Broomfield has created its own mission.

It believes in working in a direct partnership with the community in order to enhance and protect both the environment and the quality of life that the citizens of the town experience.

It believes in being efficient, possessing a high level of respect, and reflecting the highest level of courtesy to others.

This is more than just a standard town, a particular area, or a region. It is a community that strives to give its best, encourage the best, and be the best for all aspects, therein – be it animals, citizens, or the sensitive components of nature.


Broomfield is situated on what is commonly referred to as the “technology corridor”, which is located on U.S 36 and is located almost evenly between Boulder and the City of Denver.

It includes a multitude of technological-based companies, corporations, resorts, and other types of employment opportunities.

The top-rated companies in the area include Level 3 Communications, Vail Resorts, and FlatIron Crossing retailers. Additionally, it is only a small commute to Denver and Boulder. This makes those areas open – in terms of employment opportunities, too.

If you are in search of employment opportunities, there are many.

If you are an investor in real estate, it is in your best interests to purchase here due to the immense opportunities that are available.

Attractions and Activities

In addition to the employment opportunities, there are many attractions and activities that may be pursued in Broomfield, Colorado.

You will discover that the area has a large number of concerts, fairs, and other types of community events that are similar in nature. With an amazing 245 absolutely clear days a year, it is a wonderful place to get out and about.

Nature plays a large role in the area with a total of 8,000 acres of beautiful open space.

There are several different parks and outdoor activities available to residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, there is a vast amount of shopping venues, dining opportunities, and other exciting locations situated throughout the City of Broomfield in the State of Colorado.

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