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The LoHi area is located across the Highland Bridge, just a short distance away from the Downtown region of the City of Denver. In fact, the only thing that separates these two areas is the Interstate, I-25. “LoHi” is an area that is identified as “Lower Highlands”. The locals started to refer to it as “LoHi” many years back and it just took among others. In short, it is the lower area associated with the Highland neighborhood. If you are looking to relocate or you are in search of real estate opportunities – this is definitely an area that will spark your interest!

highland bridge

Highland Bridge connects to downtown Denver.
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A Booming Area

There are many words to describe the lower region of the Highland neighborhood. Examples include “artistic”, “varied”, and “innovative”. In terms of Denver and all of the surrounding areas, LoHi is considered to be one of the most popular and booming areas. Despite being in close proximity to the Downtown area in the City of Denver, it has its own highly distinctive personality. It includes a vast array of entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities that offer numerous amenities to those who reside in and around it, as well as those who visit.

The area has an extremely high walkability score and is situated in a gorgeous area. It sits on a bluff that has a slight level of elevation. As a result, the skyline of the City of Denver may be enjoyed around the clock! It is an exceptionally trendy area that boasts of special eateries, exquisite coffee shops, and even bars situated on rooftops where patrons are able to enjoy stunning sunsets, beautiful mountain views, and luxurious natural settings. Furthermore, it is known for its street fairs, galas, and even its art galleries! There is something for everyone in the LoHi neighborhood!

The Structures

As you explore the lower Highlands area, you will find that there is an exquisite blend of modern structures and 20th century homes. There are buildings rich with historical significance and buildings that display the highest level of contemporary design. Then, the area includes a variety of parks and greenery. Many families and individuals who enjoy the great outdoors – but have an appreciation to being close to the “city life” – flock to the area. In LoHi, it is possible to enjoy both the excitement and enticement of the city, while also relishing in the appreciation of the great outdoors.

If you are in search of an area to live, LoHi offers numerous opportunities to you. Homes, condos, and suites sell for relatively cheap. You may go for a historical structure, a modern condo, or a contemporary multi-family suite. If you have a desire to rent or lease, you are sure to find a suitable home that perfectly matches your budget. If you are a real estate professional, you will find that you have endless investment opportunities in and around LoHi. It does not matter if you specialize in residential properties, commercial properties, or even industrial properties!

Denver Highland

LoHi (Lower Highland) is an integral part of the Denver Highland neighborhood. This neighborhood includes three individual districts. These include Highlands Square, Tennyson Street, and the Lower Highland. This area is known for the Victorian-styled homes, lavish gardens, numerous parks, independent shops, galleries, restaurants, and more. LoHi is the area that combines old-world architecture with new-world innovations. If you want to reside close enough to Denver to experience the benefits of this area, yet far enough away to immerse yourself in a completely new world, LoHi is the part of Denver Highland that will be perfect for you! The same holds true if you are a real estate investor!

General Information

Lower Highlands is known to possess a charm all of its own – one that is completely distinct from the hustle and bustle that is common with the metropolitan area of the City of Denver. It is a bit pricier to live, shop, dine, and play in this area, but with its community form of spirit and the innovation it projects, it is well worth the investment. This stems from its location near Downtown Denver, the mountain views, and the exceptional level of things to do and activities to take part in. You will discover a multitude of mid-rise buildings and townhomes. Rent is a bit higher, but there is a vast amount of parking space, walking space, and you have direct ease of access to the highway.

In terms of pricing and the proximity of the Lower Highlands to the Downtown Denver region, it is comparable to the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Only, instead of being a border to the south it borders the north. You will find that it is reflective of an urban area AND a suburban area. Many of the boutiques, dining area, and other available venues are considered to be upscale. This is an extremely popular area. In fact, it has been named as one of the best neighborhoods located anywhere throughout the United States. So, it does not matter if you want to relocate to the area or want to extend your real estate business into the area, you will reap numerous rewards!

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