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The Denver Tech Center – which is now commonly referred to as “DTC” – is a neighborhood that is advancing and growing at an exceptionally fast rate. Situated just southeast of the downtown Denver area, this area was planned and built during the 1970s by a widely popular architect at the time, Carl A. Worthington.

Originally a home to the cable networks, it is now an area that accommodates the headquarters of major technologies. If you are a real estate investor looking to attract professionals, or a professional in search of prime real estate in DTC, Colorado, continue reading to learn more.



The Denver Tech Center neighborhood hosts a large assortment of large companies and promising start-ups. These are located throughout the high-rises that the area is known for. The biggest industry in the area is technology – as its name suggests.

In addition to this, there are shopping venues, dining establishments, and entertainment businesses. It is a bustling hub for professionals and families of all ages. Its vast growth and the demand for real estate in the area has increased dramatically in the past few years and promises to continue for many years to come!


Carl A. Worthington designed the Denver Tech Center neighborhood during the 1970s. It was at this time that investors asked to create a plan for a fiber optic line to the south of the area of downtown in Denver. Initially, it was 40 acres. Since then, it has expanded to a total of 850 acres. The earliest cable companies – United Artists Cable, United Cablevision, and AT&T made their start in this area.

Today, there are over 25 million square feet of completed buildings in the area. As more and more companies start or grow to the DTC area, this will grow immensely. As a result, this is perfect for real estate investors that have a desire to go into industrial and/or commercial real estate. It is a perfect area for professionals that want to expand their career opportunities and relocate to the area, too!

Technological Hotspot

The Denver Tech Center neighborhood has well over 100 different tech companies. It is just about a half hour from the downtown Denver area. Its placement makes it easy to access I-25 as well as I-225. It is in close proximity to the mountains and a vast array of outdoor recreational opportunities as well as the airport.

The neighborhood includes both urban and suburban characteristics. Many major corporations, companies, and facilities are headquartered in the area. As a result, it attracts those with a knack for creativity and professionals of all industries. It is a highly social area where people often gather to experience a fine dining opportunity or to enjoy the lush green-based oasis in Wallace Park.


If you are a real estate investor, you should know that many are seeking out housing opportunities in and around Denver Tech Center. In fact, there is such a high demand for housing that new buildings are seemingly constantly being constructed to keep up. Compared to Denver and other surrounding neighborhoods, DTC provides housing and rental options that are affordable.

If you are in search of real estate to live in the area, you will thoroughly enjoy the collaboration of opportunity and affordability. As time progresses, rental prices and home prices are expected to rise. Regardless of whether you are an investor, a home seeker, or a tenant, NOW is the time to get your share of the Denver Tech Center neighborhood.


If you are one that depends heavily upon public transportation, you will find that DTC is very easy to move around in. There is a heavy public transportation presence that is affordable. You can easily move within the Denver Tech Center area, to downtown Denver, and other nearby areas.

The transit score of the area ranks in at a 62. Walk score is a high 54 and the bike score is currently at 53. This means that the area is completely accessible and it is not challenging to move from one location to another – even if you decide to venture over to the City of Denver!

In addition to the standard transportation system, there are rail stops. You may use these instead of driving on the interstate or taking a bus. The Belleview Station is just a half of a mile from the DTC neighborhood. If you want to travel a couple of more miles, you will have access to the Southmoor Station. This, too, is a highly affordable means of travel and will allow you to go where you want to go and very quickly!

Recreational Opportunities

If you are in search of a home in the Denver Tech Center neighborhood, you will find that there are numerous recreational opportunities for you to enjoy in and around the area. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  1. Monaco Park & Open Space – This is a park that is 4.42 acres that is perfect for bicycling enthusiasts. It includes a wide assortment of paved paths that allow guests to enjoy mountain views, sunrises, and sunsets.
  2. Running Fox Park – This is a park that is 7.7 acres. Here, you may walk, jog, bike, or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors!
  3. Belleview Station Dog Park – This is a fenced-in run for dogs and their owners located at the Belleview Station.
  4. Cherry Creek State Park – Here, you can bike, fish, walk trails, boat, and a wide array of other activities while taking in the scenes and enjoying all of that fresh air!

Top Companies

Whether you are an investor or someone in search of a home to live in the Denver Tech Center neighborhood, it is important to become familiar with the top companies in the area. Not only do these companies offer opportunities to those seeking employment, they promise extended growth for the DTC region. The following outlines some of the most popular of these companies:

  1. Arrow Electronics
  2. Banko Petroleum Management
  3. Ciber
  4. Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  5. Enavate
  6. First Data Corp
  7. Grease Monkey Intl Inc
  8. HP
  9. ICG Communications
  10. JP Morgan
  11. Kraft Corporation
  12. Liberty Global Inc.
  13. Metlife Financial Services
  14. Nestle
  15. Oracle Corp
  16. Project Cure HQ
  17. Quovadx
  18. RingCentral
  19. Selling Simplified
  20. TeleTech
  21. US Foodservice
  22. Vistar Corp
  23. Western Union
  24. Xero
  25. Youth for Christ USA
  26. Zoom Video Communications

Food, Shopping, and More

As mentioned previously, there are many shopping venues, dining establishments, and opportunities for entertainment. The following outlines just a few of the highlights of the region:

  1. II Fornaio – This is an Italian fine dining experience that has a large menu of authentic cuisine. It does not matter if you have a desire for pasta, pizza, or other specialties, you will find it here.
  2. Whole Foods – If you are in the market for the healthiest foods, this is the place to shop! It hosts fresh foods that will leave you feeling and looking your best!
  3. Comedy Works – This is an entertainment venue that provides both a dining experience and access to the best in today’s comedy!
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