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The City identified as “Federal Heights” is one that is identified as a home rule situated in the Denver Metropolitan area. It is an estimated 12 miles to the northwest of the downtown area in the City of Denver. Officially incorporated in 1940, the total square mileage of the city is 1.78.

It is home to one of the largest and most popular of water parks nationwide, Water World. It is also part of the popular recreational district of Hyland Hills. If you are a real estate investor or one seeking to reside near Denver, you are sure to uncover many opportunities within the City of Federal Heights.


Within Denver’s Reach

It is a known fact that Denver ranks as the financial, government, commercial, and industrial center for the entire State of Colorado. In fact, it ranks in as such for all seven states that are part of the Rocky Mountains and the plains in the west. Unfortunately, immense growth and crowding has started to take its toll in recent years. As a result, many city neighborhoods and new housing regions have been put into place adjacent to Denver. Federal Heights is one of these. This suburb community offers a wide range of highly attractive options for living and environments. Situated in Adams County, Federal Heights is a part of the metro area that is uniquely-identified as Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metro.

The Economy

In the last year, the job market in Federal Heights has observed an increase of nearly 3%. The anticipated job growth over the next decade ranks in at nearly 45%. Sales tax is 8.5% and the rate for income tax is 4.6%. The median household income is nearly $37,000 a year. The median income for a family comes in at about $43,000 a year or slightly more. The top 3 types of jobs in Federal Heights – according to population by specific occupation – are construction, retail, and accommodation/food services. Other jobs in the area include agriculture, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, wholesale trade, transportation, utilities, warehousing, information, insurance, finance, real estate, professional occupations, administrative, educational, health care, and social assistance.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Federal Heights is considered to be slightly higher than the average within the United States; however, it is lower than other areas within the State of Colorado. The average cost in purchasing a home is $350,000. Average rent for a studio apartment is $1,111. A one-bedroom rental averages $1,226. A two-bedroom averages $1,491. A three-bedroom comes in at $2,000 and a four-bedroom averages $2,247. If you are a real estate investor, you will find that it is easy to make substantial profits in Federal Heights – whether you are selling or you are renting. If you are buying a home or in the market to rent a home, you will find that you have a very large selection. You will also discover that you get all of the perks of living close to Denver, without having to pay the outrageous prices often charged in that city.

Climate Basics

Each year, Federal Heights receives approximately 16 inches of rain and 58 inches of snow. The good news is, out of the entire year, at least 243 are usually sunny in the city. During the summer months, the high ranges in the area of 89 degrees. In the winter months, the low average ranges in the area of 18 degrees. The Best Places Index on Comfort ranks Federal Heights at a 7.2 for the year out of 10. In the summer, it is ranked 8.6. In the winter, it is ranked 5.6. Overall, this means that it is one of the most comfortable locations throughout the entire State of Colorado. July is the hottest month and January is the coldest month. The overall elevation of the area if 5,298 feet. The UV index ranking is a 5.1. The climate and weather make any investments and time spent in Federal Heights well worth it!

Population Facts

In total, there is a population of 13,598 in Federal Heights. According to statistics, this averages out to be a total of 7,657 individuals located in each square mile. The median age is 32. The average amount of people that live in each household within the City of Federal Heights is 2.7. Of those, 49% are married. There are 14.5% that are divorced. A total of 31% are married and have kids. Then, 27% have children but are considered to be single. The races in Federal Heights rank as follows:

  • A total of 33.8% are white
  • 1.3% are black
  • 3.6% are classified as Asian
  • 0.4% are Native American
  • 0.9% claim two races or more
  • A total of 59.9% claim that they have a Hispanic Ethnicity

If you are interested in working as a real estate investor in the City of Federal Heights, you will discover a wide range of diverse customers that you may work with. Being that most are married in the region, it is ideal to place an emphasis on investments that would appeal to couples who are married. You should consider both those with and without children. As an individual seeking to purchase or rent a home in the area of Federal Heights, you will find that the cultural diversity lends to the overall appeal of the area. You are sure to meet people of all backgrounds that have a wide range of passions and interests. This is an open, accepting community who welcomes everyone to their city.

Transportation Information

It has been estimated that a commute – one way – within the City of Federal Heights ranks in at about 28 minutes. A total of 67% of people have their own car and drive it in the area. Nearly 19% carpool with other people in the community. There is a total of 3.4% of people that work from the comfort of their home and are not transportation-dependent for the purpose and intent of work. Then, nearly 7% take the mass transit system. The highest average time people report to get to work is 15-19 minutes. It is easy to move around the city. It is laid out in such a way that access is open for all. The downside is the large population. Because so many people are traveling at once, it does take a little longer to get from one point to another; however, given the opportunities in and around the city, it is well worth the extra time it takes to reach certain locations.

The Housing Market

As mentioned previously, the average cost to purchase a home in the City of Federal Heights is $350,000. Home appreciation has gone up significantly in the past year. Today, it has increased a total of 14.9%. If you are a real estate investor, now is the time to buy. At these appreciation rates, it is bound to see another increase soon. When this happens, you will be able to experience a profit on that same investment – if you elect to sell. Additionally, if you are planning on renting your investments out, now is the time. Rent amounts are on the high side. As appreciation continues to go up, your ability to increase your rent will go up, too; however, you must do so in an ethical manner that follows the guidelines put in place on rental property.

If you are looking to purchase a home and live in Federal Heights, now is the time. Waiting too much longer could result in your paying an excess amount for the home. As appreciation continues to climb, the price tags on the currently available homes will continue to climb, too. If you have a desire to rent, you should make the move now. Waiting even another year could result in a higher level of expense in moving. While it is true that any amount of rent is fair given the close proximity to the City of Denver and all of the opportunities that abound in and around Federal Heights, it is best to make a move low and adjust as prices increase. Investor, buyer, or renter – you simply cannot go wrong with the City of Federal Heights located near Denver!

Federal Heights Colorado Municipal Complex
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