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Jefferson County, Colorado

Jefferson County, Colorado is considered the fourth most-populous of all counties within the State of Colorado. The total population is right at about 583,000. The biggest city – in terms of residents – is Lakewood. The official county seat is Golden. If you are in the real estate investing business or are in search of a home in a popular area of Colorado, you are sure to discover many opportunities of interest within Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Colorado
Coal Creek. JEfferson County Colorado. source: Wikipedia



Jefferson County has the slogan of “Gateway to the Rocky Mountains” and for a good reason. It is because of its close proximity to this wonderful and majestic natural landscape. The county is situated within the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood region and right along the Rocky Mountain Front Range. It is directly adjacent to the Capital of the State of Colorado, Denver.


According to official information, Jefferson County includes a total of 774 square miles. Only 9.8 square miles of this is water and the rest is land. Jefferson County borders a whopping ten counties. As a result of this, it makes it a highly diverse region with direct access to many educational, employment, social, and recreational opportunities. The counties that surround Jefferson include the following:

  • Adams

  • Arapahoe

  • Boulder

  • Broomfield

  • Clear Creek

  • Denver

  • Douglas

  • Gilpin

  • Park

  • Teller

The following cities, towns, census-dedicated locations, and unincorporated communities are located within Jefferson County, CO:

  • Applewood

  • Arvada

  • Aspen Park

  • Bow Mar

  • Brook Forest

  • Buffalo Creek

  • Coal Creek

  • Columbine

  • Conifer

  • Dakota Ridge

  • East Pleasant View

  • Edgewater

  • Evergreen

  • Fairmount

  • Foxton

  • Genesee

  • Golden

  • Idledale

  • Indian Hills

  • Ken Caryl

  • Kittredge

  • Lakeside

  • Littleton

  • Morrison

  • Mountain View

  • Pine

  • Pine Junction

  • Plastic

  • Superior

  • Westminster

  • West Pleasant View

  • Wheat Ridge


If you are interested in investing in real estate in Jefferson County, CO, it is important that you know the basic demographics of the area. This will help you to understand what types of people have an interest in this area. The following estimates were official as of July 1st, 2022. While it is true that these are likely a bit higher as of now, the information is sound enough to provide a basic snapshot of the area.

Population: 576,143

  • 4.6% are under 5 years of age
  • 18.3% are under 18 years of age
  • 18.0% are 65 and older
  • 59.1 % are between 19 and 64
  • White – 90.9%
  • Black – 1.6%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native – 1.2%
  • Asian – 3.3%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander – 0.1%
  • 2+ Races – 2.8%
  • Hispanic or Latino – 16.0%
  • White and Not Hispanic or Latino – 76.9%

In Jefferson County, there is a large number of Veterans. In total, approximately 35,043 live in the region. If you are looking to attract certain individuals with your real estate investments based on the information above, you should place an emphasis on housing for Veterans and housing for individuals between the ages of 19 and 64. There is a market for all individuals, though, so you may also cater to younger families, older adults, and empty nesters.

Housing Statistics

In order to invest in real estate, it is ideal to have a solid understanding of the market in Jefferson County and the general statistics surrounding housing. The following should be considered:

  • There are approximately 253,945 housing units – in total – within the county.
  • A total of 70.8% of all housing units are occupied by the owner of the structure.
  • The median value of those homes where owners occupy them averages a total of $463,400. The average monthly mortgage with included expenses is right at about $2,072.
  • The average expense for a homeowner who has no mortgage is about $571 a month.
  • The median rent amount throughout Jefferson County, CO is $1,555 – which is a bit on the low side compared to other nearby counties.
  • Building permits that were obtained throughout the year of 2022 comes to a total of 2,206.

  • There are approximately 236,499 households. The average persons per household are just under 3.

Economy Statistics

Approximately 69.3 % of all people 16 and up make up the civilian-based workforce. It takes – on average – about 27.3 minutes to travel to work. The average household income is about $93,933 annually. Per capita income over a 12-month period is an average of $49,213. It has been estimated that approximately 7.3% of the total population in Jefferson County, CO live in poverty or are in the “poverty” bracket.

Parks and Recreation

Jefferson County has a total of 29 parks that do not currently charge admission fees. There are about 230 miles of natural trails. There is a huge emphasis on conservation and on the preservation of land within the county. Examples of the top-rated recreational areas include but are not at all limited to the following:

  • Apex Park
  • Bear Creek Lake Park
  • Centennial Cone Park
  • Deer Creek Canyon Park
  • Evergreen Lake
  • Flying J Ranch Park
  • Hiwan Homestead Museum
  • Lookout Mountain Nature Center
  • Mount Lindo
  • North Table Mountain Park
  • Ranson Homestead Ranch
  • South Valley Park
  • Van Bibber Park
  • White Ranch Park
  • Urban Trails

If you are in the market for a home, you will discover many that are available near these amazing recreational areas. This county prides itself on being family-friendly. If you are an investor, it is wise to invest in properties that are in close proximity to the recreational areas. Individuals looking to buy or to rent prefer a location that include access to recreational opportunities, employment opportunities, and educational opportunities.


While it may be unusual to consider the political environment when deciding to relocate to an area or to invest in real estate in an area, it is quickly becoming a hot topic around the nation. Throughout the 20th century, the area was mostly Republican. Since the year of 2008, the area has been dominantly democratic. This is highly consistent with the political trends that are occurring in Denver and all of the surrounding areas.


The school system within Jefferson County is the Jefferson County School District R-1. This includes the private school of Colorado Academy and the tertiary institutions of both Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Christian University. The educational environment is highly rated. The Jefferson County Public Library is the only system in place for library services. When looking to attract buyers or tenants as a real estate investor, it is advised that you consider young adults who may be pursuing their education at one of the schools within the area.

Government and Other Infrastructure

Throughout the years and currently, there were and are several types of government agencies and other types of infrastructure that offer jobs to those in and around the area. These include the Federal Corrections Institute, the Sheriff’s Office, the Public Library, the County Government Center, and the Denver Federal Center. If you are looking to attract professionals to your properties, you may use the jobs available at these locations to your advantage.

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