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Ken Caryl, Colorado – which is also referred to as “Ken-Caryl Ranch” – is an unincorporated region in Colorado that is nestled in and governed by the County of Jefferson. It is located just 18 short miles to the Southwest of the downtown region of the City of Denver.

It lies among the beautiful foothills of the ever-popular Rocky Mountains. Due to its location, it provides an ample amount of open space, spectacular views of nature, and the glory of the red rock formations. If you are a real estate investor, this community offers immense opportunities. If you are looking to relocate to areas nearby Denver, this is an optimal choice.

Ken Caryl Colorado
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The History

In the year of 1970, The John Manville Corporation operated within the region of what is now identified as Ken-Caryl Ranch. In fact, it was this corporation that formed this distinct community. This picturesque community was originally developed as a type of private oasis for those that wanted the luxury of living near a big city, without actually having to live in one. It hosts a wide array of beautiful scenic vistas for those that want to live in a backdrop of natural beauty. If you want to invest in true Colorado real estate – either as an investor or a homeowner – Ken Caryl is the PERFECT choice!

The true history of the location started with a purchase of the land that the community is now on in the year of 1859 by Major Robert Bradford from Denver. He made this purchase to help travelers relocating to Denver and to allow for easier access to the mining camps of the time. He died in 1876 and his widow gave up the property. This happened in the year of 1881. For the next two decades, many took possession of the property. Eventually, the area turned into a farm. By 1914, the property was sold to John Shaffer.

He named the area after his sons, Kent and the other one, Carroll. He constructed a manor and created a beef ranch. Things went well until after the Great Depression. This is when the banks took over the property. It was then sold to William Allen, who would continue to breed cattle, but was a business man that specialized in steel. By 1971, it was sold to the Johns-Manville Corporation. The corporation built a housing area, a headquarters, and an area that included over 6,000 acres of beautiful open space. Today, it continues to thrive as a wonderful area for those seeking to invest in real estate or purchase a home in the country. It includes 6,313 acres of beautiful land and a total of 20 acres of water.


There are several Jefferson County educational facilities within Ken Cary. The elementary schools include:
Ute Meadows
Bradford K8
Stony Creek

?Middle Schools:
Summit Ridge
Deer Creek
Falcon Bluffs

High Schools:
Dakota Ridge

Due to the vast number of schools spanning the area, if you are a real estate investor, it is advised that you specialize in opportunities that cater to young families. Not only does the area cater to families in terms of activities, but they specialize in providing educational opportunities for toddlers and up to the 12th grade. If you are in search of a family-oriented space to reside in and appreciate the great outdoors, Ken Caryl is an excellent location to purchase a home. It is a little slim in terms of rentals, but they are available. Most that reside in the area own their home and nearby banks and finance companies specialize in helping families get started in Ken Caryl.

A Blended Community

Ken Caryl is a region that is considered highly blended. It includes a wide assortment of residential neighborhoods, a large number of recreational-based facilities, and numerous commercial establishments. There are three recreation centers, a large assortment of tennis courts, a diamond for softball, a hockey rink, and soccer fields. For families that love to play and enjoy sporting events, this is the perfect area. For families that enjoy the great outdoors, there are numerous trails and paths that allow for walking, hiking, biking, and even horseback-riding!

The Metropolitan District

The Metropolitan District of Ken Caryl (KCRMD) is the establishment that is designed to help in maintaining various aspects of the neighborhood. Examples include the parks, the various facilities, and other locations. It is an establishment that created and upholds all of the standards of the unique community. Association dues that are provided to this district aid in ensuring that the area is maintained and retains its exquisite beauty. It also helps in the removal of trash and in providing recycling to the neighborhood.

The dues that are charged by the Ken Caryl Metro District provide citizens with membership of the famous Equestrian Center. It also pays for the popular local publication that is called Life at Ken-Caryl. In the Valley, you will discover homes that are custom built and are quite large. These offer the best views. This is especially important if you are relocating to the neighborhood. If you are investing in the real estate, those homes located in the Valley are sure to render a profitable return. The North Ranch area is one that hosts very large property plots that have stunning views of the natural scenery of the neighborhood.


A lot of people mistakenly believe that Ken-Caryl Ranch is located within the City of Littleton. It is not. The confusion sets in with the zip code of the neighborhood. It is the same as Littleton. The area is an unincorporated area within the limits of Jefferson County. The good news is, Littleton is actually just a short distance from Ken Caryl. Here, you can enjoy various types of festivals throughout the year, a wide array of shopping venues, many different restaurants, and even a little rail that can take you right into the heart of downtown Denver! So, in living in the area, you will not only gain direct access to downtown Denver, you will also be allotted the same access to the City of Littleton!

Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities in the area of Ken Caryl. Those that specialize in engineering – especially – are sure to discover work at the Lockheed Martin Corporation. In addition to this, there are positions with other companies available – such as Platinum, Kroger, AMR, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, Airmed International, Transervice Logistics, LLC, Whole Food Markets, C.R England, FirstFleet Inc, and more! If you are interested in relocating to an area with beautiful views, recreational opportunities, high-quality schools, and excellent job opportunities, you are sure to love Ken Caryl, Colorado!

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