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If you are an investor that specializes in real estate, you will be pleased to know that Littleton, Colorado offers many opportunities. Situated just a few miles to the south of the downtown region of Denver, Littleton is a region that possesses a unique charm. You will discover architecturally appealing historical buildings, cozy cafes, booming bars, exquisite dining, and a multitude of shopping venues.

Littleton has a small-town charm with all the big-city benefits due to its location. Real estate investors, property managers, and flippers flock to the area due to the earning potential it offers – on both a residential and a commercial level.

Covered bridge in Littleton, Colorado

Covered bridge in Littleton, Colorado by Jeffrey Beall


Basic City Facts

Littleton is a municipality that spans over the counties of Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas. It is part of the metropolitan area of Denver, Aurora, and Lakewood. The population is approximately 42,000; therefore, Littleton currently ranks in at the 20th most populous region within Colorado. Total elevation ranks in at 5,351 feet. Located at a distance of 9 miles away from Denver, many relocate to the region for the vast number of jobs available and the fact that they can enjoy the small-town life with big-town benefits. This is why a lot of investors are drawn to the region – there are many opportunities for financial success, in terms of real estate.


During the Gold Rush of Pike’s Peak in the year of 1859, many flocked to the area in search of gold. However, merchants and farmers were drawn to the region. Richard Sullivan Little made his way to the area to focus on his specialty, which was irrigation systems. He eventually decided to relocate to the area. He, his family, and his neighbors settled. By the year of 1890, the area was home to nearly 250 people. It was then that a vote was taken and the town was incorporated.


Over half of all of the individuals that are 16 years old and older are part of the workforce. The highest number of working individuals specialize in business, management, the arts, and science. A quarter of the population works in offices and/or sales. Service occupations, production, material movers, transportation, natural resources, maintenance, and construction account for the majority of the remaining population.

If you are a real estate investor, the economy should immediately draw your attention. Individuals that live in and around the region are working in economically sound positions. Not only do they have the money to pay rent monies, but most also have the capability to purchase real estate that is available on the market. If work cannot be found in Littleton – which is highly unusual – individuals are capable of easily obtaining a position in the nearby City of Denver. In fact, many come to the area to rent or purchase a home so that they are able to work in neighboring cities.

The overall cost of living within the City of Littleton is considered to be average. The median value of homes in the area rank in at approximately $270,000. Month-to-month home costs are right around $1,700. The average mortgage is about $500 a month and landlords are capable of charging monthly rents in the range of $1,000. Even if you purchase a home with a mortgage and elect to sublet it, you can afford to make up to two mortgage payments a month with the amount that you charge for rent. This means, you can pay the property off twice as fast and start raking in profits quick.

The Housing Market

As a real estate investor, it is essential that you take stock of the information pertaining to the housing market within Littleton, Colorado. As of August 2021, the prices of all homes in the region were up nearly 15%. This is since August 2020. In terms of selling, many properties have sold for nearly $600K and more. The good news is, most homes sell after being on the market for only 5 days. In years prior, most homes stayed on the market for a week or longer. In the Month of August alone, 500 homes were successfully sold.

The housing market in Littleton, Colorado ranks in at 92, which means it is highly competitive. Most of the homes that are placed on the market get various offers and these often include those that have a waived contingency. The average of the homes that are successfully sold go for approximately 4% above the price that the property was listed for. Homes that are in high demand are known for going for nearly 10% higher than the original listing price and are typically sold within the first 3 days of being listed.

What Attracts People to Littleton?

As a real estate investor, it is imperative that you research that which attracts people to the city that you want to invest in. The same holds true for Littleton, Colorado. Below, we will outline various reasons why people that you may rent to or sell a property to is attracted to the City of Littleton:

  1. Many people are attracted to the 1,500 acres of open space and parks that are within Littleton. For people that enjoy a wonderful climate and the great outdoors, there are many outdoor activities. These include 35 miles of bikeways, numerous nature trails, and water activities that may be enjoyed at the Chatfield Reservoir. Other areas of interest include Columbine, Highline Canal, and Lee Gulch. It does not matter if people enjoy hiking, riding a bike, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, or kayaking, Littleton offers many opportunities.
  2. Littleton, Colorado has a free attraction called Hudson Gardens. It is situated directly on the bank of the beautiful South Platte River. It includes various types of gardens, a pond that includes gorgeous water lilies, and a café. It hosts many performers in the large outdoor amphitheater.
  3. The Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton includes activities for those that enjoy community-based theater. In this facility, there are musicals, comedies, and numerous plays performed. It is a highlight destination and has been widely popular among residences and guests alike for over three decades.
  4. The Littleton Museum includes a multitude of unique exhibitions that date back to the original settlement of the area all the way up to the present time. It is widely popular among families because it has an interactive area designed especially for children, farms that have actors that do historical interpretations, and more!
  5. The Farmhouse is a popular destination. It has a restaurant that serves fresh foods, salads, and entrees. There is a beer garden that is dog-friendly and a unique brewing facility that makes a total of 65,000 barrels a year.
  6. Littleton has an accessibility from downtown through the means of the RTD Light Rail. This provides one of the fastest forms of transportation to the City of Denver. This makes it very easy for people who move to the region to get back and forth to work, school, medical doctors, and other central locations.
  7. Each year, there are many annual events that take place in and around Littleton that attract multitudes and are immensely favored among the locals. These include a special Mardi Gras celebration, a block part, a pig roast and the popular zombie crawl near Halloween, and even a candlelight walk celebration as the holidays draw near.
  8. The Metro Denver Farmer’s Market is known to attract many individuals from the Months of June through October. Here, individuals are able to find produce, special meats that were raised using the most humane measures, baked goods, dairy products, and more. It is located in the Aspen Grove area which is located on the popular Santa Fe Drive.
  9. The Littleton Downtown area is very popular. Here, individuals can enjoy a variety of locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and numerous shopping venues. In addition to enjoying what is offered in this area, many are able to successfully obtain employment in the Downtown region.
  10. The area has many different greenways. Individuals may go to the Platte River Trail and bicycle directly to Denver. These areas allow people to get out, about, and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
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