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“LoDo” stands for “Lower Downtown”. It is a term used to identify the lower downtown region in the City of Denver. Situated at the heart of this immensely popular region, LoDo is considered to be the heart – the center of life – of the City of Denver. It blends nostalgic elements with modern elements to create a bustling neighborhood that has something for everyone. If you are a real estate investor looking to advance your business or someone simply looking to relocate to the LoDo neighborhood, continue reading to learn about this promising region.

Lodo Union Station
Union Station in the bustling LoDo neighborhood of Denver source: Wikipedia


Lower Downtown

LoDo is an unofficial neighborhood; however, it is considered to be one of the oldest locations – in terms of settlement – within Denver. It is highlighted as being a mixed-use area that is also a historic district. The population within the area is just over 21,000. It holds a high level of significance – in terms of the nightlife. It is an urban area that has been heavily invested in for the purpose and intent of revitalization. It includes nearly 100 different restaurants, shops, galleries, clubs, and other types of businesses. It does not matter if you are in search of fun with a night on the town, a unique shopping experience, or a delicious meal, you will find it in LoDo.


Prior to the European exploration that occurred in the area, the Arapaho Native American Tribe made its home in the area that is now known as LoDo. In the year of 1858, gold was discovered within the nearby South Platte River. As a result, the City of Denver was founded. The area went through its share of complications and many tragedies occurred.

Eventually, it would become a large, well-known area. In the year of 1870, the railroad made its way to the area. The famous Union Station was established. Most people who visited the area came through at this station. During the 1870s and through the 1880s, the area became known as Chinatown in Denver. Race riots eventually led to its overall destruction.

Many complications caused hardship to the area. By March of 1988, though, the Lower Downtown Historic District was created by the zoning officials. There was a newfound focus on promoting historic preservation, economic growth, and social vitality. Today, the guidelines and ordinances are defended by all of the residents in and around the area. By the year of 1995, the area was completely revitalized and quickly became one of the most popular areas in and around the City of Denver. Even residential advances were made. For example, the old warehouses have since been transformed into beautiful and exceptionally high-priced residential lofts.

Location and Geography

The LoDo neighborhood is located in the area that is north-central of the City of Denver. It is northwest of the downtown region of CBD and near the area of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. The borders of this neighborhood in the City of Denver include the following:

  • Wewatta Street
  • The area between Larimer Street and Market Street
  • Cherry Creek and Speer Boulevard
  • 20th Street

The Economic Side

The economic side of LoDo is significant – especially if you are a real estate investor. It is zoned B-7. This means that, while mixed-use projects are encouraged, there are very strict guidelines in place for design, rehabilitation, the heights of the structures, and even on new construction endeavors. This stems from the historical value of the location. Additionally, all of the guidelines are in place to ensure that the pedestrian maneuverability remains the same. All projects are required to undergo an architectural-based design review.

The Community

There is a non-profit association over the neighborhood and the businesses in the area. This is designed to represent the businesses and the residential units within the LoDo neighborhood. In fact, it serves as the actual Chamber of Commerce for the area. It also has many other functions. Examples include – but are not limited to – the bureau for visitors to the area, marketing, and neighborhood organization. It ensures that those living in the area have the highest quality in terms of living conditions and oversees the mixed-usage of the LoDo neighborhood. Whether you are a real estate investor or are looking to reside in the area, you are sure to appreciate the governing entities that work hard to ensure that the LoDo area is the best in the region.

LoDo Attractions

There are a multitude of attractions in the LoDo neighborhood. These attract many visitors each year. They also make the area an appealing location for investment and relocation. The following outlines the most popular and well-known attractions in and around this immensely popular neighborhood:

  • 16th Street Mall
  • Ball Arena
  • Children’s Museum of Denver
  • Coors Field
  • Denver Millennium Bridge
  • Denver Union Station
  • Elitch Gardens Amusement Park
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
  • Tattered Cover

If you are looking to relocate to the area, you will find these attractions and all of the businesses in and around the area to be highly appealing. It does not matter how old you are, if you have children, what career you are in or what social class, there is something else for everyone. If you are a real estate investor, it is wise to invest in this area. It gets millions of visitors each year and quite a few individuals and families elect to move to the area each year. By investing in LoDo, you are investing in the success of your real estate endeavors.

Structural Highlights

There are two main structures that we would like to highlight in this guide that are located in LoDo. They are as follows:

  1. The Oxford Hotel – This was constructed in the year of 1891 and is officially on the Historic Places National Register. It includes the ever-popular Cruise Room. This is a specially-designed bar within the hotel that includes décor interior art within the design scheme. Travelers from all over come to this hotel to experience the Cruise Room – up close and personal.
  2. The Wynkoop Brewing Company – This is a special brewpub that was officially founded in the year of 1988 by none other than the 42nd Governor of the State of Colorado – John Hickenlooper. He had three additionally partners when he founded it, too – Jerry Williams, Russell Schehrer, and Mark Schiffler. Each year in one of the many banquet halls, there is a special competition that occurs. It is called the “Beerdrinker of the Year”. In addition to this, on the very top floor, there is a popular billiards hall that many flock to.

The Arts and Basic Culture

LoDo is often used for filming both television shows and movies. This is because of the beautiful views of the nearby mountains, the numerous historical buildings, the access to all of the parks in the area, and the fact that there are two main and immensely popular sporting venues in the area. Due to the heavy nightlife market in the area, there is increased law enforcement presence – including foot patrol officers. Additionally, private security officers are available to aid in ensuring the overall safety of the area.

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