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Situated between Fort Collins and the busting City of Denver – just along the I-25 corridor of Colorado – is a mid-sized city that that is known for its super-sized personality and real estate investment opportunity. It is the City of Longmont. It is known for its lively city scene, its highly-innovative and popular crafting breweries, outdoor recreation, and seemingly endless opportunities. For investors and visitors alike, it is truly a hidden gem within the State of Colorado. The 90,000+ residents can truly attest to that fact! If you are an investor, continue reading to learn why Longmont is THE place to bury your bucks!


Technology Abounds

Numerous technology companies have flocked to Longmont and set their roots. As a result, the ambitious and highly talented in electronics, internet technology, computers, and other technologically-based careers quickly settle in the area. Companies such as Micron Technology, Seagate, Xilinx, and more are always broadcasting high-paying job opportunities. For real estate investors, this is a real plus!

Those in search of high-paying technology jobs are typically in search of living accommodations.

When you combine the fact that these reputable jobs are in close proximity to many institutions of higher learning – such as Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines – you know you just can’t go wrong in real estate investing in and around the area!

Breweries, Restaurants, and More!

The company headquarters for Oskar Blues Brewery is located in the Longmont area, just inside what is known as the Tasty Weasel Tap Room. Not only that, but the company owns a wide range of restaurants throughout the town.

While breweries and restaurants may not be your real estate investment niche, let’s not forget the number of people employed by these various venues – as well as all of the tourists that flock to the area to indulge! Not only do you have those beer-tasting fanatics that make regular stops in town, but let’s not forget the vendors, the festivities, and the jobs produced by this company.

Everyone needs a place to rest their head at night. If you get into real estate investing in Longmont, you may want to work your way in with the company and offer discounts to employees and guests. It is our guess that your property investment endeavor will experience an exceptionally high level of success!

In addition to this, you have the Grossen Bart Brewery, the Wibby Brewing company, the Left Hand Brewery, as well as the Longmont Brewhop Trolley. You may advertise to those that work at these breweries, those that have a desire to visit these breweries, and even invest in properties that you may rent out in the area for various types of venues and social events -the choice is yours!

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Living and working in the Longmont region is only a small part of the reason why you should invest in real estate in this area. There is also a lot to do, in terms of “play”.

In today’s world -more than ever before -people are bypassing the big cities to get out into the open, into the great outdoors. If you invest in real estate, you can specialize in providing them a home near many wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities.

Longmont is just a very short drive from the magnificent and highly popular Rocky Mountain National Park. It is very close to the foothills, which are wonderful for those that enjoy mountain biking and hiking.

Longmont is the home to what is known as the Union Reservoir. This massive expanse of land consisting of over 700 acres offers visitors the opportunity to go boating, fishing, camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and more!

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