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Montclair is one of the historic districts that are located in and around Denver, Colorado. The original incorporation of this area occurred in the year of 1888. As you explore the area, you will discover leaf-lined streets, and gorgeous Queen Anne and Victorian homes. There are ranches that reflect the period of the mid-century. Magnificent Tudor Revivals are sprinkled throughout the area. It is a quaint area that boasts of being family-friendly. It does not matter if you are a real estate investor or you are in search of homes for sale or rent, you will be pleased the with variety and assortment of real estate in Montclair.

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The Basics

Just outside of the neighborhood, there is a commerce district. Families flock to this neighborhood because it is considered one of the most suitable for people of all ages. There is an exquisitely designed garden available in the community, as well as three different pocket parks. If you want to explore the area or wish to commute to the city, there are several bike lanes available. To prove how immensely popular Montclair is, the prices of homes increased 19%. This area highlights the 4th major jump of Denver.

Basic Demographics

The average Montclair resident is 38.5 years in age. A whopping 72% of the adult residents that are 25 and up have a bachelor’s degree. This means that it is an area with highly educated people. Nearly 50% of residents that commute state that the trip to the city takes as little as 15 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. A total of 71% of all homes are owned by those residing in them. There are 59% of homes that house singles. The average income in the area if $93,661. The total population is just under 6,000. The average home price comes in at nearly $660,000. Total home listings typically average 290 and up. There are plenty of real estate opportunities available in Montclair – regardless of what you are looking for.


Montclair was developed as a small suburban area located just to the east of Denver. The land used to create the area was purchased by the Town and Improvement Company in the year of 1885. The same company developed the land. It was named “Montclair” in honor of the city of New Jersey where one of the founders originated. The purpose and intent of its development was to attract wealthy people that wanted to get away from the saloons and bordellos that were common in the City of Denver.

Whoever wanted to live in the area had to purchase larger lots than those that were available in Denver. Each home had the requirement of having three stories. They had to be built using either stone or brick. The town trustees were left to the task of approving all plans by all homeowners. Additionally, there was a rule that saloons and even alcohol were forbidden in the area.

By the year of 1888, Montclair was officially incorporated. In 1893, the silver market crashed. Then, the panic of the same year resulted in all development proceedings to be halted. Shortly thereafter, it was marketed as a health retreat. At this point in time, it has the nickname of “Carlsbad of Colorado”. Unfortunately, the man who did this marketing – Baron von Richthofen – died of appendicitis so all the plans laid to rest on that. In the year of 1900, the area reached a population of 88 different families.

By 1902, the City of Denver started the incorporation of Montclair. The residents fought this. It went up to the Supreme Court of the state. Unfortunately, Montclair lost the battle. Denver started the official annexation in the year of 1903. It was then that the mayor made improvements to the parkways, boulevards, the landscape, and more. In 1907, Montclair started pushing for the City of Denver to assist in providing a wide array of services to improve its beauty and functionality.

Jane Smith started to push the fact that Montclair was historic and should be made into a historic district in the year of 1973. By the year of 1975, the vote came in and the central region of Montclair was named as a historic district. All of the old homes, distinct architecture, old trees, and other aspects of the neighborhood resulted in its overall success as a historical neighborhood. During the twentieth century, other types of housing were included. These consisted of cottages, ranch homes, bungalows, and more.

Real Estate

According to numerous studies, it has been established that Montclair is one of the absolute best locations to live in throughout the entire State of Colorado. You will get to experience a suburban feel and a family-friendly atmosphere. Most of the people that live in the neighborhood own their own homes. Today, you will find that there are restaurants, coffee shops, parks, shopping venues, and bars. It does not matter if you want to invest in residential real estate, business real estate, or commercial real estate, you will have plenty of opportunities in the Montclair neighborhood. Understand, though, that Denver and all surrounding areas are considered to be one of the most competitive of real estate markets.

Is it a Good Time to Buy a House in Montclair?

Yes, it is. The housing market prices are not really going down right now. The average home cost in the state is about $720,000. The median home price is in the $600,000s. It is an extremely hot market in Montclair as well as Denver and all surrounding neighborhoods.

Where Do I Find Montclair Real Estate Listings?

You are able to find a variety of online listings through numerous websites. If you are in search of properties that are not listed, we here at Pioneer Property Management can assist you. We have insider information on many homes, businesses, and other venues that are available to real estate investors. If you are in search of a home – be it to purchase or to rent – we can also assist with those types of listings.

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