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Whether you are seeking to relocate to this magnificent city or have a desire to invest in the real estate market of the area, you are sure to find Northglenn highly appealing.

Located just a mere nine miles north to the Denver downtown region, Northglenn is a rapidly growing suburban home rule municipality located that is located over Adams County and Weld County in the State of Colorado.

This city includes a total of 7.5 square miles, most of which is land. Approximately 1.23% consists of water. As of the gathering of statistical data in the year of 2021, the total population consists of 38,419 individuals.

Basic Statistics

Northglenn is considered to be the 22nd largest city located within the State of Colorado and the 1025th largest within the entire country. While there is a decline rate of 0.52%, population in the area has increased just over 7%. Per square mile, it is estimated that there are 5,226 people. The average income in the area is just over $80,000. This allows for a higher median rental rate, which averages over $1,300 a month. The median home rate is just under $300,000. The area has a very low poverty rate of just over 11%.

The Community

Northglenn, Colorado is considered to be an exceptionally vibrant community that is pro-business. Currently, there are over 1,000 different businesses and nearly 39,000 people who reside within the community. Northglenn is strategically placed so that it offers numerous benefits to those that elect to reside and/or invest in the area. There are highly diversified opportunities within the real estate market, backed with a unique blend of an atmosphere that is reflective of a friendly and small town and amenities that are common among big cities. Whether you want to live in the community or invest in the community, you will be pleased with the vast number of opportunities available to you.

Basic Economy Information

In the last year, the City of Northglenn has experienced an increase in the job market of nearly 3%. In the next decade, predictions have been made that it will experience an increase of nearly 41%. The two occupations that are most popular in the area include retail and healthcare/social assistance. Immediately following include accommodation services, food services, construction, transportation, and warehousing. The vast number of occupations in the area make it a perfect destination for individuals and families that are interested in having a large selection of employment opportunities. It is also ideal for investors as it will attract a lot of potential tenants. Approximately 21,000 are employed in the area.


Northglenn offers the following number of schools:

  • 10 preschools
  • 15 elementary schools
  • 8 middle schools
  • 3 high schools
  • 13 schools that are considered to be “public district”
  • 1 charter school that is public
  • 8 different private schools

The top 3 schools in the city are as follows:

  1. Stem Lab – This is a public school that currently services K-8 grades. It includes a total of 469 and ranks 8 out of 10.
  2. Hulstrom Options – This is a public K-8 school that services a total of 676 students. It ranks 8 out of 10.
  3. Northglenn High School – This is a public 9-12 school that has approximately 2,063 students in attendance.

The following outlines all of the educational facilities available in Northglenn:

  1. Stem Lab – Public, K-8
  2. Hulstrom Options – Public, K-8
  3. Global Village Academy – Charter, K-8
  4. The Studio School – Public, K-5
  5. Malley Drive Elementary School – Public, PK-5
  6. North Mor Elementary School – Public, PK-5
  7. Stukey Elementary School – Public, K-5
  8. Hillcrest Elementary School – Public, K-5
  9. Westview Elementary School – Public, PK-5
  10. Leroy Drive Elementary School – Public, K-5
  11. Step By Step Development Center – Private, PK-K
  12. Gethsemane Lutheran School – Private, PK-8
  13. ThornCreek Christian School – Private, PK-12
  14. Kindercare Learning Center – Private, PK-K
  15. Northside Christian Daycare – Private, K
  16. Northglenn United Methodist Early Childhood Center – Private, PK
  17. Adams County SSD 12 DC-North Mor – Private, PK
  18. Northglenn Teeny Tiny Tots – Private, PK
  19. Silver Hills Middle School – Public, 6-8
  20. Northglenn Middle School – Public, 6-8
  21. Vantage Point – Public, 6-12

As you can see, if you have a family and have a desire to rent or buy near Denver, Northglenn offers many educational opportunities for your children. If you are an investor, the availability of these schools will attract potential renters and buyers. You are sure to discover that the small community offers many large rewards for your endeavors!

Exciting Activities in and Around the City

Northglenn, Colorado is a relatively small city, but it has a mix of the standard charm in a suburban area and urban-based excitement. You will discover a wide variety of cafes, restaurants with the most exquisite menus, lakes, enjoyable recreational facilities, and a whopping 550 acres of natural green spaces and exciting parks. Below, we have outlined a variety of exciting activities that may be pursued in and around the city. Regardless of whether you want to rent or buy your next home, or you are a real estate investor looking to flip and sell, you will find something below that will draw your interest!

  1. The Boondocks Fun Center – This amazing entertainment hub is perfect for individuals of all ages and families, too! Here, you have direct access to a fun-filled arcade, a bowling alley, a water park to cool off on those hot days, a challenging ropes course, laser tag, go-karts, bumper boats, and more!
  2. A Natural History Museum in Nearby Morrison – In this museum, you will learn about Paleontology through many interactive exhibits and fact-filled tours! You may explore alone or you may enlist the assistance of a guide. You will learn about the dinosaurs that once inhibited the state and even get to see rare glimpses of fossils that have been discovered in and around the area!
  3. Water World in Nearby Federal Heights – If you are in search of a cool place on a hot Colorado day, head over to Federal Heights where Water World awaits! Here, you can make your way through a menu of fantastic snacks, beverages, and meals at Cowabunga Pizza, Bermuda’s, Coconut Point, Surf’s Up, and Boardwalk Burrito. Popular rides and slides include Mile High Flyer, Eagle River, The Thunder Bay Wave Pool, Pirate’s Plunge, and Turbo Racer.
  4. Elitch Gardens in Denver – If you are into thrilling rides and high-quality entertainment, Elitch Gardens in the City of Denver is the place to go! Referred to as the “Rollercoaster Capital of Denver”, you can enjoy a wide assortment of spills and thrills with a variety of rides. There is a section designated with rides that are appropriate for kids and even a water park! To unwind, jump in the wave pool with your family and catch a movie!
  5. State 38 Distilling in Golden – Take a free tour of one of the most popular distilleries in the country! This distillery specializes in crafting great-tasting spirits by hand! You will have the pleasure of seeing how they are made. Immediately after the tour, you may embark on a tasting that provides you with two complimentary drinks that you may choose! If you are an adult that has a palate for great-tasting, handcrafted brews, you will absolutely LOVE this attraction!

Northglenn Real Estate / Housing Market Trends

Recently, the home prices in and around Northglenn were up to 16.4%, compared to where they were just a year ago. While the average selling price is $300,000, that has recently expanded to $439,000 and the expectations are that it will remain in this range for some time. It typically takes a home about 7 days to sell. In the past month, a total of 43 different homes were sold. According to Redfin, the heat of the housing market ranks in at about 90. This means it is “Most Competitive”. With this much competition going on, you know the market is good! Best of all, the average home sells for about 2% higher than its original listing price!

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