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Park Hill, Denver

In recent years, the Park Hill neighborhood has been referred to as the “#1 Denver Neighborhood”. The development of this area originated with Baron Allois Gullaume Engine von Winckler. Since that original inception, many changes have occurred in the area. Today, it is most known for the unique architectural landmarks that abound. It does not matter if you are looking to invest in real estate as a business endeavor or a homeowner, or if you are in the market for a rental, you are sure to find many opportunities within Park Hill.

Park Hill Branch Library
Park Hill Branch Library. source: Wikimedia


Early History

Park Hill was originally as 32-acre area. By the time that the 20th century rolled around, a wide assortment of individuals gathered in the region. It was located just east of the City Park area. Home started going up for sale and numerous settlers flocked to the region. These include those from Italy, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, and even Germany. Additionally, many African Americans moved into the neighborhood. Just after the second World War, the northern area of Park Hill started increasing residential availability.

The earliest residents wanted to be close to Denver, but in a quieter location. While the neighborhood has always been an urban-based extension of the City of Denver, it was in the earliest days of its history that many viewed it as more of a suburban area. It did not take long, though, before the area took off due to its immense growth. Today, the area boasts a highly unique personality. It includes Victorian homes and other types of homes that were popular in the early part of the 20th century. If you are in search of an area that has a unique character, Park Hill is for you!

How Many Households are in Park Hill?

Recent estimates state that there are 10,996 homes located within the Park Hill neighborhood. According to figures, there are an average of 2 people in each household. A total of 58.99% are family homes and the other 41.01% are non-family homes. A total of 67.55% do not have children and the other 32.45% do have children. In short, it is a perfect location for singles, families, and is also a kid-friendly area.

What is Park Hill’s Population?

The population of Park Hill, Denver is said to have 27,442 residents. Of these, the median age is around 37. There are 51.28% females and 48.72% males. There are 88.21% citizens that were born within the United States, and non-U. S born citizens rank in at 5.83%. Finally, 5.96% are not citizens of the country. Currently, it has been determined that nearly 23,000 residents still reside within the same home that they lived in the previous year.

How Many Renters and Homeowners are Located in Park Hill?

There are approximately 11,429 individual housing units in the neighborhood – most of which were constructed in or around the year of 1954. Currently, about 10,996 are occupied. A total of 66.07% are occupied by the owner. The other 33.93% are being occupied by tenants. The median value of the average home comes in at about $528,900. The rent charged – on average – for a 1-bedroom is $1,388. Other rental apartments come in at about $1,727. The overall average rent is $2,026. The average housing costs are about $1,555 each month.

What are the Average Incomes in Park Hill?

It has been established that the average income level for a household is about $118,381 a year. The median is about $86,446. Those between the age of 25 and up to 44 earn nearly $93,000 a year. Those between 45 and 64 each about $92,000 a year. Those under 25 earn about $54,000 a year. Those that are 65 or older earn about $62,000 a year. There are 2,787 individuals that are below the poverty level and there are about 23,808 people that are considered to be above the poverty level.

What are the Employment Statistics in the Neighborhood?

White collar workers make up an approximate 89% of the workforce. Those that are considered to be blue collar make up about 11%. A total of 11.35% of the total workforce are entrepreneurs. There are over 9,000 people that work in private companies. There are over 2,200 people that are working in the government. There are over 1,900 people working for non-profit companies. The Park Hill neighborhood by the City of Denver offers a wide assortment of employment opportunities. Additionally, those that move to the area have the ability to easily commute to the City of Denver for additional work opportunities.

Education Levels

According to research, a total of 20.74% of all residents have a high school diploma. There are 18.73% who have obtained their college certificate. Then, there are 4.72% with an associate degree, 28.07% with a bachelor’s degree, and a whopping 22.53% with a graduate degree.

What is the Marital Status of Residents in Park Hill?

The following represents the marital status statistics of the residents of Park Hill, Denver:

  • Nearly 9,000 – Never Married
  • Over 9,630 – Married
  • 229 – Separated
  • Over 1,000 – Widowed
  • Nearly 2,700 – Divorced

What are the Transportation Methods in the Park Hill Neighborhood?

Most people get around by an automobile vehicle in Park Hill. The next most popular is bus or trolley bus. Many walk and others use a bicycle. A few use the railroad and others drive a motorcycle or take a taxi. Park Hill ranks in at number 39 for the most walkable of all neighborhoods that are part of the City of Denver. The neighborhood’s score for walkability is 64. That means, if you want to rent, you most likely do not even need a care. If you want to purchase real estate or be a landlord, you could use the walkability factor of the neighborhood as a huge selling point.

In fact, South Park Hill offers both tenants and homebuyers one of the best walkable areas inside of a highly busy metro-based area. This part of Park Hill borders the City Park. Individuals in the area have access to the Denver Museum, the City Park, and the Denver Zoo. If you are looking to purchase a home that is in the city, has a wonderful amount of space on the property, and has access to a lot of nearby shops and other types of venues, this is a perfect area. Additionally, it boasts many playgrounds – which makes it absolutely perfect for families.


Many of the homes in and around Park Hill, Denver are single-family units that were built anywhere from the year of 1900 to the 1950s. You will find classic squares, Tudors, and even bungalows. There are brick homes, new scrapes, and other types of newer builds. It is not an area where a lot of duplexes are found, but there are homes available for those that want to live in the area as a renter.

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