If you are a property owner, you may know that renting is one of the most productive means for a strong return on your investment. Unfortunately, engaging in the rental property business may prove to be quite complicated. It is advised that you obtain assistance from a professional property management company. While this may seem like a luxury expense, services offered by these companies can turn out to improve your bottom line.

Property Manager and Tenant

Why Do I Need a Property Manager?

A property manager provides a high level of value to your real estate business. The main means of accomplishing this is to minimize the vacancies that you would experience without their assistance. Regardless of what type of property you own and how many units you have, rent is considered to be the sole source of income for your business.

You take the days your property is rented; subtract the days the property is vacant and your expenses and that equals your gross revenue. Property managers help to ensure that your gross revenue is as high as possible.

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What is the Purpose of a Property Manager?

The purpose of a property manager is to oversee and manage all of the daily operations of your property or all of your properties. This professional acts on your behalf to ensure that the value of the property is preserved while it works to generate income.

What are the Duties and the Responsibilities of a Property Manager?

A property manager has many different duties and responsibilities. The following outlines the main of these:

  1. A property manager obtains market date, determines the average rent prices of properties surrounding your property, the location, and the amenities to determine how much rent you should be charging and sets that price.
  2. Property managers specialize in cleaning, repairing, maintaining, and making your property appealing and rent-worthy in the eyes of your potential tenants.
  3. A property manager markets any and all vacancies that you have. This is done to attract prospective tenants quickly.
  4. The screening of prospective tenants is another responsibility of a property manager. These checks are done prior to approving an application. Being that the property management team is well-versed on all rental laws, it is easy for them to filter out individuals that lack the proper qualifications. Additionally, this helps in avoiding lawsuits and avoiding complications associated with discrimination with the Fair Housing Act (FHA).
  5. The preparation and enforcing of your lease agreements will be handled by property managers.
  6. If complaints and issues come up with your tenants, property managers will handle it. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.
  7. These professionals specialize in enforcing and collecting rent and any associated late payment fees.
  8. These professionals specialize in ensuring that your properties are healthy, safe and habitable, presentable, and fully operational. They will handle all of the maintenance and repairs associated with your property.
  9. If your property has on-site employees – such as maintenance workers and security – the property management company will supervise these individuals.
  10. If an eviction is necessary, the property manager will oversee the process and the move-outs. This includes ensuring the eviction is done legally, inspections of your property, returning any due security deposit, cleaning the property, and preparing it for the next tenant.
  11. These professionals specialize in ensuring that your property is legally complaint. That is, that the property processes go along according to the local, state, and federal laws as well as the laws governing safety and housing.
  12. If you desire, property managers are capable of filing taxes on your behalf. If you prefer to file your own taxes, they can provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to do it successfully.
  13. Property managers help track the growth and finances of your rental property. This includes the expenses and the gross income associated with the rental property.
  14. Property management professionals schedule viewing of your rental property. This may include online viewings, video viewing, and showings that are supervised by a licensed agent.
  15. Property management professionals may provide an online portal system that allows for epayments and estatements associated with your rental property.
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What Types of Service Packages are Available Through Pioneer Property Management?

Pioneer Property Management offers two service packages. One is “Tenant Placement Only” and the second is “Full-Service Property Management”. The few for the first is 1 month’s rent, with a minimum of $1,595 and the fee for the second is 50% of 1 month’s rent with a minimum of $850 and a management fee of 9% with a minimum of $145 and a one-time fee for onboarding cost of $150.

What is Included in the Tenant Placement Only Package?

In the tenant placement only service package, the following is included:

  • Rental Analysis
  • Property Consultation
  • Professional Photos
  • Video Virtual Tour
  • Online Marketing
  • 24/7 Scheduler for Showings
  • Agent Supervised Showing
  • Tenant Screening
  • Lease Preparation and Signing
  • Turnover Inspection for $150
  • ePayments and eStatements
  • Tax Statement for the Year
  • Rental Analysis for Lease Renewal
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Signing and Preparation of Lease Renewal
  • Customer Service Guarantee
  • Results 1st Guarantee

What is Included in the Full Service Property Management Package?

Everything mentioned above is included in the Full-Service Property Management Package, as well as the following:

  • Security Deposit Collection
  • Tenant Relations
  • Rent Collection
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Security Deposit Disposition
  • Maintenance Coordination and Supervision
  • Access to PPM Network of Vendors
  • Vendor Screenings
  • Licensed Vendors
  • Insured Vendors
  • Surveys
  • Preventative and Routine Maintenance
  • Maintenance Done Right Guarantee
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Online Portal Access
  • Tenant Account Audie
  • Zero Evictions Guarantee
  • Tenant Retention Guarantee
  • Pet Damage Protection Guarantee
  • Maintenance Done Right Guarantee

What Standard Services are Offered by Pioneer Property Management?

Pioneer Property Management offers many standard services to its clients. These include consultation, marketing, promotional packages, tenant searches, professional showings and the preparation of contracts and leases. Additionally, accounting, tenant relations, inspections, maintenance, and security deposits. Investment property evaluation services and rental marketing services are also offered to clients of the company.

Why Choose Pioneer Property Management?

For well over a decade, Pioneer Property Management have offered award-winning services to both homeowners and investors in and around the City of Denver. The management style is completely proactive, not reactive. To date, the company has successfully satisfied thousands of clients. We believe that your property investment should be a passive form of income. That is why we offer so many services to you. We are equipped and established to handle all aspects of your property. This way, you can enjoy the most important aspect – the profits.

Engineered for Success

The principles that we use are based on those that allow for success in the engineering field. These include those that are analytical, those that are specific to details, and technical skills that aid in promoting all aspects of problem-solving. The systems and software that we use allow us to identify issues and resolve problems so that your bottom line is increased. By using our engineered for success program, you will know and understand that all revenue you receive will be maximized.

Property Management Awards

Our Award-Winning Service

As a result of our hard work, our systems and software, the processes that we have, and our unique commitment to complete customer satisfaction, we have received a wide array of rewards and outstanding designations throughout the years. We specialize in value and we promise our clients that and more! The following outlines a brief review of the recognition that we have received:

  1. Top 20 Best Property Managers in the City of Denver by Expertise.com
  2. 3 Best Property Managers in Denver – 3 years straight
  3. One of the Best Property Management Companies for 4 straight years with PropertyManagement.com

Experience You Can Trust

Our professional services and prompt services result in experience that you are able to trust. Why create a business where you continuously have to work to receive profits? Now, you can turn to Pioneer Property Management. We do all the work while you simply reap the rewards. This is what we commit to you. Our experience will have you experiencing higher levels of success than you ever experienced before.

We Wrote the Book!

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If you are interested in becoming a landlord, you should read our book, Landlord Like An Engineer.

This expounds on how you can engineer your way to success – with us at your side! You will learn how to maximize the amount of revenue that you receive, how to attract the best tenants, to leverage technology to maximize the success of your business, and how to hire a property manager that will allow you to save yourself time and increase your business profits.

If you are ready to take your rental property business to the next level, we encourage you to contact us today at Pioneer Property Management by calling: 720-839-7482

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