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If you are interested in either purchasing real estate or renting available properties within the State of Colorado, you will quickly find – with just a simple search – that you have many promising options. A favorite among both those seeking rentals and looking to buy is the River North Art District – often referred to as “RiNo” for short. While considered to be a relatively young neighborhood, it is quickly growing in popularity. This region reflects a colorful splash of the City of Denver and is constructed in such a way that it speaks volumes of urban charm and industry.

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A Rough Start

Prior to developing its current charm, the River North Art District consisted of drab, dull warehouses and a multitude of unimpressive factories. It was during this time that the locals started referring to the region as “RiNo”. This is pronounced just like the animal, “Rhino”. Slowly but surely, many individuals saw its potential. Suddenly, it started to move past its rough start. As time progressed, it developed into one of the trendiest of hotspots associated within the confines of the City of Denver.

The Revival

All of those spooky looking empty factories and lackluster warehouses instantly become the core of the area’s success. An industrial-based revival occurred. Starting in the year of 2004, artists of a wide array of backgrounds and areas of focus started to flock to the area. There are those that specialize in the art of drawing, painting, music, performance, and even those that specialize in the culinary arts and in brew-making! Modern art made its way into the area. Quickly, that industrial look faded and an artistic movement occurred. Now, it is considered THE hotspot for all hipsters!


As you explore the River North Art District, you will find that the buildings along the street are lined with colorful and intriguing murals. Consistently, new parks, bars, breweries, art galleries, and shopping venues are opening up. The average age in this particular neighborhood ranks in at about 33. However, it is home to a multitude of millennials. That is, people that are approximately 26 years of age to those that are about 41 years of age.

If you are looking to invest in real estate in this area, you should focus on housing that will appeal to the youngsters in and around the area. If you want to specialize in commercial real estate, it would be advised that you place an emphasis on businesses, restaurants, shops, and other venues that are known to be attractive to younger people. If you concentrate your efforts on the basic age groups of the area, you are sure to find that your real estate endeavors are highly successful!

If you are a young person looking to relocate to an area that is geared towards your age group, you will love the culture and company of River North Art District. RiNo is a highly diverse region. It is an urban region that is best known for its art and general appreciation of the arts. Annually, more and more people are flocking to the area. Average rent runs from $1,550 each month up to $3,300 each month. While this may seem extreme, you must keep in mind the unique urban charm and the numerous job opportunities that are available in RiNo. If you want to purchase a house, these run a median average of about $350,000.

Location Details

The River North Art District is situated in the northern region of the City of Denver. It is directly adjacent to the bustling Downtown area. It is part of the Five Points neighborhood. The complete radius of the area measures in at about one mile. Popular nearby focal points include Curtis Park and Ballpark. Most individuals in and around RiNo consider it to be a neighborhood all of its own. Its unique atmosphere, high level of diversity, and general personality has resulted in the area completely overshadowing the Five Points neighborhood inclusions.

The official boundaries of the River North Art District are Interstate 70, Interstate 25, Park Avenue West, and Arapahoe Street. Being that it is such a small area, most people easily move from one location to another by walking or by riding a bike. You may even rent a bicycle as there are several set up bike renting stations in and around the area. Accessibility is at an all-time high due to the inclusion of pedestrian bridges, bike lanes, and sidewalks. There is even a light rail that is part of the A-Line from the University of Colorado that makes a stop at Blake Street at the crossover of 38th! Lyft, Uber, taxis, and eTuks are also part of the local transportation system.


The official slogan of the River North Art District is “Where Art is Made”. This stems from the fact that the community is thriving and is a result of the various artists that live, work, and play in the area. While once known for industry, this declined significantly in the 1980s and completely halted early in the 1990s. Despite just being run-down and empty creative people – like Tracy Weil and Jill Hadley-Hooper – saw more. These ladies saw the potential of the area and officially started renting it in the year of 2005. Since that time, it has taken off with their creative vision and others have continued to build on their legacy.


When visiting River North Art District, you will find that it offers a wealth of attractions. There are art galleries, parks, unique boutiques, creative shopping venues, cafes, eateries, and more. The RiNo area is known for its nightlife. Long after the sun has set, the neighborhood shines bright with activities, breweries, bars, restaurants, art shows, live entertainment, and other events that encourage fun and socialization.

Friday Art Walk

Many individuals flock to the River North Art District on the first Friday of each month. This is when the Art Walk occurs. It runs from 6pm all the way up until 9pm. This is a time when the local vendors of RiNo get to show off their creations. All that which is showcased is art. The community caters to this event by having special meals at the restaurants, encouraging the sale of items that artists bring in, and other special events. In addition to this, there is always live music. It does not matter if there is rain or the evening is clear, this event always takes place. To witness how truly vibrant the River North Art District is, you definitely have to plan a trip and take part in the Friday Art Walk.


In all aspects regarding the River North Art District, art is at the forefront of all activities, events, and aspects of socializing. There are public galleries, but there are also art pieces that are worked into the buildings of the area. These include urban art, modern art, and graffiti. If you want to attract artists and young people to your real estate, you should definitely invest in RiNo. If you want to live in an area to showcase your work or indulge in your appreciation for the arts, you should definitely consider purchasing or renting real estate in the area.

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