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The Sunnyside neighborhood is situated in the Northside region of the City of Denver, just west of the popular Interstate 25. On the east of the region is the railroad lines of Union Pacific. On the north is Interstate 70, on the west is Federal Boulevard, and on the south is 38th Avenue. The area is known for its community group called the “Sunnyside United Neighbors, Inc.” – which is often referred to as “SUNI”, for short. If you are in the market for real estate – whether to live in, rent, or to purchase – you will discover many opportunities in Sunnyside.

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According to records, the history of Sunnyside includes just over 100 years of events and evolving. In the year of 1858, the founder of the City of Denver, William H. Larimer, Jr., made his way across the Platte River and researched the land that is now Sunnyside. Today, it is considered one of the original neighborhoods in the region. As time progressed, immigrants from Ireland made their way into the area because of the available employment opportunities. By 1876, Colorado became the 38th state that was included in the Union.

Within a short time, the railroad and street car services made their way into the area. Quickly, Italian immigrants made their way into the area. By 1893, the Silver Panic occurred. It was at this time that the state fell into a depression. Hispanics arrived to the area shortly after to engage in employment with sugar beet agriculture and sugar companies. A school and an orphanage are constructed. A fire destroys a smelter company and prohibition is passed. The Federal Theater came to town in the 1920s. The neighborhood was on the edge of a boom.

Finally, businesses started flocking to the area. Transportation in the area is improved. Cafes, restaurants, and shopping venues arrive to the region. In 1989, the Planning Department of Denver encourages residents to develop a plan for the neighborhood. SUNI was created at this time to ensure completion of the plan. In 1997, the Garden of Flowers is constructed. By the year of 2000, the Bluegrass Festival began. It later became known as the “Sunnyside Music Festival” in the year of 2007. A 2,500 square foot playground was constructed in 2009. This instantly drew in families from all around. In 2010, Sunnyside was distinguished as one of the top places to live and has flourished ever since!

General Information

The Sunnyside neighborhood has a population of just under 11,000. It has been deemed as one of the absolute best places to reside in all of Colorado. The neighborhood boasts a suburban feel. Most of those that reside in the area own their homes. The area tends to be very liberal. It is home to many young professionals. When exploring the neighborhood, you will find many coffee shops, a variety of restaurants, bars, and a multitude of parks. All of the schools throughout the region are considered to be top-rated and above-average. While young adults flock to the area, it is a neighborhood that accommodates families, too!

Throughout the years, Sunnyside has developed its own identity. It is likeable and lovely. Given the fact it is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Denver, it is also one of the most popular. New eateries and various shops abound. In recent years, foot traffic has increased significantly. Between 2021 and today, the prices of the homes in the area have increase 25%. It is an area that is known for attracting immigrants. Today, the average among homes for single families is about $900,000. It is a convenient location, has a high walkability rate, and an assortment of bungalows, Tudors, and townhomes. The community is very strong.


The median home value ranks in at about $550,000. The average rent in the area is nearly $1,500. That is a tad above the national average; however, given the community, the amenities, and its rank as a top location to live, the rent is considered to be ideal. A total of 57% of people own their homes and the remaining 43% rent their homes. The overall niche grade for the area is A-. The public schools rank in at a B, housing is B to C, family-friendliness is a B, crime and safety is a B to C, nightlife is an A+, and the diversity level of the neighborhood is an even A.

Cost of living is a tad higher than surrounding areas. Job opportunities rank in at a B. Weather is a B+, Health and fitness is an A-. Commute is an A-, and outdoor activities ranks in at an A. Even with the occasional minuses associated with the niche grade, Sunnyside still ranks exceptionally higher than many of the surrounding neighborhoods that are closely associated with the City of Denver. If you are a real estate professional, you will be pleased to know that homes and rentals in Sunnyside are in high demand. People everywhere – regardless of age and social status – are flocking to the area for many reasons. The strong sense of community and the employment opportunities are the top two.

An Introduction

Sunnyside – as one of the original neighborhoods – is very close to all of the conveniences that are currently available in the Downtown Denver area. It is a bit different, though, as it has a lot of charm and green spaces to pursue. An interesting fact about the neighborhood is that there is not one single home in the area that is more than only a half of a mile from a park! This gives residents and guests alike numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in the State of Colorado.

When exploring the homes within the Sunnyside neighborhood, it is not at all uncommon to observe a traditional home with classic architectural style, a modern home with a truncated attached roof, or a unique structure that includes an artistic and unusual gable. The houses vary from one to another. It does not matter what style you are in the market for – be it a farmhouse or a bungalow with classic appeal, you are sure to find it in this extremely popular Denver neighborhood.

The neighbors are close and the community is strong. The most popular of local staples is the annual Music Festival that we previously mentioned. This neighborhood is only a couple of miles from the Downtown area. There are many ways to go to the Downtown region. This includes a commuter rail, a dedicated bike path, and a pedestrian path. The nearby neighborhoods include Berkeley, West Highland, and Lower Highland. Whether you are in the market for a rental, to purchase a home, or to make an investment in residential or commercial real estate, you are sure to discover a variety of options to choose from within the Sunnyside neighborhood.

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