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Tenant Qualification Criteria

Before filling out an application, please make sure you meet the qualifications listed below.


Co-signers are not accepted unless as required by the Fair Housing Act for persons with disabilities.

Completed Application and Supporting Documents

1. Ability to pay for and submit an application with complete, current, true, accurate, and verifiable information ($50 for each adult, non-refundable).

2. Willing to submit to a full background screening following notification from the management company.

3. Able to supply a copy of driver’s license/photo ID, latest pay/income and bank statements for all applicants. If self-employed, ability to provide a signed copy of last tax return.

Occupants, pets, vehicles, smoking

4. No more than 2 occupants per bedroom plus 1 and no more than 3 unrelated parties.

5. Well behaved pets will be considered at landlord’s discretion.

6. All vehicles must be registered and in operating condition.

7. No smoking is allowed.

Income Amount, Stability and Verification

8. You have a verifiable gross income of at least 3 times monthly charges. Cash income must be fully documented.

9. Current source of income is the same for at least the past 6 months.

Note: Management reserves the right to deny an applicant for certain sources of income, if permissible under applicable law.

Credit History and Debts

10. 620+ Credit Score (Reported by FICO) and record of paying your debts on time.   If FICO score is reported as ‘Not Available’ (NA), Application will be declined.

11. No excessive monthly debt payments or too many loans, credit cards, payments, etc. causing you to be overextended.

12. No judgments, collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy or repossessions during past 3 years.


Good Rental History

13. Good rental payment history. Paid on time. If late, paid late fees owed. No history of writing bad checks.

14. No prior evictions or lease terminations due to conduct, lease violations, damages or non-payment.

15. No prior history of breaking a lease without landlord’s consent, skipping out, damaging rental property or losing your deposit.

16. Gave proper move-out notice to current landlord and you are not moving while owing money to your landlord.

17. No history of causing nuisance with other tenants, neighbors, property managers or landlords.

18. Positive recommendation from previous landlord(s) based on your rent payment history, conduct, proper care of property.

19. If little or no rental history, willing to also pre-pay another month’s rent.

Behavior, Attitude and Character History

20. No history of violent, disruptive or nuisance behavior or history of property damage.

21. Applicant and all potential occupants show a history and willingness to abide by all lease terms, rules and conditions.


Ready to Move In

22. All applicants have seen the property, met with a representative of Pioneer PM and have agreed to the terms of the lease.

23. Applicant is ready and able to sign lease and pay full amount due on lease starting date once approved.

“We follow fair housing laws. We will fully comply with the federal fair housing laws. We will also follow any state and local laws that forbid discrimination.”