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University Hills

The University Hills neighborhood located in Colorado is a quiet one that consists mostly of single-family ranch homes and gorgeous two-story homes. While very close to the City of Denver, it is a quiet area with a suburban feel. This neighborhood is surrounded by many major thoroughfares within the region. While most homes were constructed between the 1950s and the 1960s, developers have been flocking to the area to construct new homes. Continue reading to learn about this lovely region.

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Niche Grade – University Hill Makes the Honor Roll

The following outlines the main categories associated with the official Niche Grade of the University Hill neighborhood. The good news is, it made the Honor Roll!

Public School System – B
Housing – B
Family Atmosphere – B
Jobs – B
Activities – A
Nightlife – A
Weather – B
Health – A
Diversity – B
Commute – A

In addition to this, we have discovered the rankings for this wonderful region:

Walking Score – 6
Transportation Score – 7
Convenience Score – 8
Density Score – 5
Local Score – 4
Parking – Ranked “Easy”
Vibe – Ranked “Charming”

General Information

University Hills is a neighborhood that is located in the City of Denver, in Colorado. The population is just over 7,000. Situated in Denver County, this neighborhood has been voted as one of the absolute best of places to live within the entire State of Colorado. It has a very dense suburban feel. Most of the residents in the area own their home. Here, you will find a vast variety of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even a multitude of parks. Most have moderate level political views and many young professionals reside in the neighborhood. All the schools are considered to be above-average.

Real Estate

The median home value in University Hill comes in at $500,185. The median rent runs about $1,995 a month. A total of 55% of all residents own their home and the remaining 45% rent their home. Currently, there are just under 50 residential properties for sale. Just under 20 are brand new to the market. The average cost per square foot is just under $500. Properties spend – on average – 21 days or less on the market.

If you are a real estate investor, it is wise to focus on single-family homes; however, due to the number of young professionals that reside in and around the area, you may also place an emphasis on apartments and multi-family housing. Either way, you are sure to experience a high level of success. The real estate rank for this area averages between a 6 and a 7 – out of 10. It is only a 22-minute ride to the Downtown Denver area.


In exploring University Hill, you will find that there are many shopping venues. These range from stores that specialize in beauty, contacts, drugstores, convenience scores, sporting goods, pet stores, furniture, gift stores, cosmetics, shoes, bookstore, mobile phone stores, and more. There are numerous grocery store options, too. Examples include Sprouts, King Soopers, Middle East Market, GNC, Biologic Hemp, and more!

Restaurants and Nightlife

There are many unique restaurant and nightlight venues. It does not matter what your taste or your flavor, you are sure to find it in University Hill. These include Poppies, Kokoro-Denver, Crown Burgers, Marrakech Grill, Panera Bread, India Oven, Dave & Buster’s, Hookah Palace, Kikis Japanese, A&W, Junction Food & Drink, and more! In terms of nightlife, popular spots include the Kasbah Hookah Lounge, and The Clouds Hookah & Vape.

Arts, Entertainment, and Parks

Many people are attracted to University Hill because of the arts, entertainment, and parks. There are several movie theaters. These include Chez Artiste, Regal Ua Colorado Center, United Artist Colorado Center, and the Landmark Theatres-Chez. You may also enjoy a drink, some food, and some games at the Dave & Buster’s Arcade. Parks in and around the neighborhood include Eisenhower Park, Magna Carta Park, Observatory Park, McWilliams “Dinosaur” Park, and Bible Park. The historic landmark of the Bethesda Gateway and Chapel is also in the area. If you would like to move from one area to the next, there are also two light rail stations. These include the Colorado Center Station and Yale Station.

A Break from the City Life

University Hill provides its residents with a break from the city atmosphere that is common with the City of Denver. Many college students frequent the area. This is due to the fact that the University of Denver is situated just outside of the neighborhood. For students that attend the school, it is easy and fast to get from University Hill to the actual University.

One of the main attractions that residents and visitors enjoy is Eisenhower Park. This particular park includes athletic fields for sporting events, areas where guests may enjoy a picnic, and a public recreation center. If you are in search of a quiet – yet vibrant – area to live that has many things to offer – including a short commute to the nearby City of Denver – University Hill is the place for you!


There are several apartments around the University Hill neighborhood. Studio apartments usually cost just over $1,000 a month. The 1-bedroom options usually cost just over $1,100 a month. The 2-bedrooms usually cost about $1,300 a month. Those that reside in the available apartments have graded the social aspect at a 5. Management is also a 5. The overall value comes in at about a 7. The amenities offered ranks at a 6. The overall grade is a 7. If you have an interest in apartments in the real estate market, you are able to get in on a good deal and there is an opportunity for marked improvement.

The Best Apartments

Residents were asked to grade the apartments in the University Hill neighborhood. Based on the grades and reviews, the following are considered to be among the best in the area:

  • The District
  • Veranda Highpointe
  • Wellington Square
  • Yale 25 Station
  • The Wellshire
  • Deco Apartments

What Neighborhoods are Around University Hill?

To get an idea of the location of University Hill and the neighborhoods that are nearby so that you may determine other real estate opportunities, they are as follows:

  • Five Points
  • Auraria
  • Athmar Park
  • Highland
  • College View
  • Valverde
  • North Capitol Hill
  • Lodo
  • University Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Capitol Hill
  • Virginia Village
  • Cherry Creek
  • Congress Park
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