Applewood is a vibrant, diverse, one-of-a-kind community that is situated to the west of the City of Denver, Colorado.

Situated within the immensely popular Jefferson County, Colorado, Applewood is more than just a neighborhood. It is located over a span of three very small cities in the area.

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Applewood was established over 140 years ago by those who wished to settle down, homestead, and farm. Applewood started as an area of 5 square miles that laid just to the west of what is known today as I-70. Today, it is considered to be one of the most popular areas in the Denver region.

Population and Location

Applewood has a population of just over 7,000 residents. It covers the span of three cities in Jefferson County. Those are Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, and Golden. In addition to being West of I-70, it is also to the South of the Colorado 58.

Early America paid homage to individuals seeking to strike it rich. However, Applewood got its start from those that wanted security and stability. Those who had a desire to work the land rather than depend on its blessing of undiscovered riches.

Today, it stands as a region known for realistic opportunities, immense growth, and stability.

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The Basis of Its Name

Applewood is an area that is known for flourishing tree growth – of nearly all types. In its earliest days, Myron Bunger had set off dynamite. Surprisingly, the nitrogen emitted from the dynamite created an immensely powerful type of fertilizer that aided in the growth of pear trees, cherry trees, peach trees, and – of course – apple trees.

When Mr. Bunger identified the source of the fertilizer and the growth rate of the area, he started developing the land in the area.

As ranches were created and businesses were established, the real estate market within the area also started to grow.

Real Estate

It does not matter if you are a property investor, a real estate property manager, or are in search of a home, you will discover that Applewood offers a large variety of real estate.

In most instances, properties range from the low end of about $225,000 to the high end of about $2 million. Many people wait for years simply to obtain a home in the area.

The environment is beautiful, there is a bustling business district, and all of the schools are considered to be some of the best – within the entire State of Colorado.

One of the reasons that Applewood real estate is so popular is the fact that it is an area that is known to have distinct sections of residential properties and also commercial properties.

While there are famous large-scale retailers within the area, the general “feel” is that of the “mom-and-pop” era.

If you are in the market for property located in an area that is known for its pleasant, friendly – yet highly diverse – community, Applewood is the perfect place. You can purchase your next home or an apartment complex for your next business endeavor – the choice is yours!

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