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Nobody ever said Lakewood, CO is utopia, yet locals are proud of their city. And it’s a great place to raise kids.

If you’re contemplating an investment in rental property and are in need of a property manager, or looking to move to Colorado, let’s explore reasons to choose Lakewood.

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Location: At foothills of Rocky Mountains. In Jefferson County, about seven miles west of Denver.

Claim to fame: Won 2016 All-America City Award. One of just 10 winning cities.

Climate: Heaps of snow. Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts. Summer days get hot, but the temperature drops to fall-like pleasant in the evening.

Employment: The unemployment rate in Colorado is about 6 percent lower than the National Unemployment Rate. Healthcare, government and education are auspicious places for new resident job seekers to begin.

Homes: Lakewood, CO has been dubbed, “City of Beautiful Homes” If you speak Tudor, are crazy for Craftsman or buggy for bungalows, the area abounds with charming houses, built before 1930. However, contemporary homes are available from starter to luxury.

Kid-Friendly: No Lakewood kid rides the bus to school. Seriously! Wherever you buy a home, it will be less than two miles from your kid’s school. Lakewood, CO received high rankings in “100 Best Places to Live” for its exceptional educational opportunities.

Retail Therapy: A Shopaholics dream, Belmar covers a 22-block radius, surrounding a central plaza. Boasting over 80 shops and eateries, a theater, art galleries, ice rink and modern apartments, Belmar is the happening spot in Lakewood, CO.

Art & Culture Galore:  Designated a Colorado Certified Creative District, the 40 West Arts District is dedicated to fostering inspirational and creative arts. Total non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers. Watch for upcoming exhibitions, events and art-walks.

Lakewood City Commons contains 38,000-square-foot of cultural enrichment and top-class entertainment. A state-of-the-art, Broadway-esque theater seats about 300 people; galleries with visual arts exhibitions are ongoing; classes in cultural arts are available. From jazz, dance, and classical music to flamenco and live theatre, some cultural thing exists for everyone.

Parks & Recreation If you’ve been waiting for the Wow factor… 99 public parks are situated in Lakewood, CO! Over 180 miles of paved trails for biking and walking, as well as horse-friendly paths.

Let’s see what outdoor amenities the top three Lakewood parks offer:

Bear Creek Lake Regional Park: Archery range – Bring your own bow and arrows. Bear Creek Stables – Bring your own horse and ride on dirt trails. Big Soda Lake: swimming, sand volleyball and picnic sites. Keep your eye on the kiddos, no lifeguards. Camp sites available.

Kendrick Lake Park: Family-friendly. Modern playground equipment. Easy, pleasant walk or bike ride around the lake. Watch for turtles, herons, hawks and a glut of geese. (Locals say: Watch out for goose poop!) Meander through lovely Xeriscape gardensPicnic area available.

William Frederick Hayden ParkSituated on Green Mountain. If you’re into mountain biking or hiking, here is the place. Awesome wildlife and terrific view of Denver from 6,800-foot summit. Picnic site available.

Final Thoughts:
Utopia on earth may well be an impossible dream. But, the joie de vivre   of living in Lakewood, CO could prove to be the next-best-thing!

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