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Recently, Denver released a 20-year blueprint plan that has property managers in and around the region highly excited. This multimillion-dollar plan has the goal of expanding the urban forest within the city and enhancing the safety and the overall security of the outdoor areas. The officials that created the blueprint plan to make enhancements to the park and recreational spaces within the City of Denver.

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The goals are to create a central plaza that is very similar to the Union Square within the City of San Francisco, as well as a 5-mile path that will circle the downtown region so that the neighborhoods in that area are better connected.

The Mayor, Michael Hancock, believes that – due to the massive amount of people residing in the area – it is critical to protect the parks and the recreational areas. He feels that preservation and growth in these areas is also essential to the city’s overall success in attracting residents.

Property investors are excited about this initiative because it could mean structure growth and growth in terms of rental monies and property sales.

Denver, it seems to many, is currently a collaboration of streets and buildings; however, officials and others in the area recognize it as a community. A place where individuals gather to live, work, AND play. By building up the parks and recreational areas in Denver, this can be greatly enhanced.

The city is referring to the new blueprint as the “Outdoor Downtown Plan”.  While working to improve the parks and recreational areas, officials released information that they would like to create the arts and culture park. This would take place at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. This would include creating a play area for kids that is nature-based. Furthermore, in the area referred to as the “park desert” – the downtown region – a variety of parks would be created and placed.

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The main areas of focus for this particular initiative includes Ball Park, The Golden Triangle, and the Arapahoe Square; that way, people would not have to walk in excess of five minutes in order to get to a park to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves.

This park and recreational blueprint would aid in optimizing the economic growth of the city, and would encourage property managers and owners to construct in the areas that will be positively impacted by the initiative. It is believed that more businesses would move to the area as a result of the conclusion of the initiative. Furthermore, more families would be attracted to the area. Not only would the park and recreational blueprint help make Denver more attractive and enjoyable for people, but, it would result in heightened living conditions, higher levels of satisfaction, and an immense amount of growth – on several levels.

If you are a property owner, research the areas that would be positively impacted by this initiative and work to get in on the action.

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