9% of monthly rent

Min $135/month

Full Services with Discounted Leasing Fee

Multiple Property Discounts Available



75% of one month rent (Min $1595)

Includes: professional photographs, advertising, property showings, comprehensive tenant screening and lease.

Over 10 years in business and there have been

ZERO Evictions with Pioneer PM approved tenants!

Our Guarantee

If eviction of a Pioneer PM approved tenant is necessary, Leasing fee is waived for the next lease.


Standard Services

  • Perform a property evaluation and provide owner with advice to maximize rents and attract the best tenants. 20+ Years of local experience making the best return on investment.
  • Thoroughly inspect property and all home systems to provide owner with a detailed account of potential maintenance costs. Includes extensive high resolution photo documentation of premises to enforce a strict security deposit policy requiring the tenants return the property in clean condition to avoid cleaning charges at turnover.
  • Identify and screen potential tenants, including background, criminal and financial status checks. Final determination of lease term, occupants and pets is at owner’s discretion. Photos of pets are provided to owner for final approval (if applicable).
  • Process a comprehensive lease for owner’s review and approval if requested. Modifications to suit the owner or property will be included as needed.
  • Field all Tenant/Maintenance requests 24/7. Extensive troubleshooting is performed prior to dispatch to avoid unnecessary charges and to make the tenant aware they will be billed for nuisance and user error calls. No surcharge for 3rd party services.
  • Proactively contact owners 90 Days in advance of the lease end date with advice from expert market analysis when considering renewal options and rent increases.
  • Extensive contractor base with refined vetting process for all contractors. No Markup on 3rd party services after startup period.
  • Online portal for Monthly Statements, including service invoices, and annual Tax documents.
  • In the event that an eviction is necessary, PPM will manage the eviction process. Outstanding costs may be recovered from the tenant by owner.


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