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Are you a rental property owner in Denver or one of the surrounding cities? If so, you may already know that how the property looks can affect the amount of rent you can ask and how quickly you can get an available property rented or leased.

denver real estate home maintenance

How a property is maintained all the time makes a difference in keeping good tenants. It also is more cost effective to keep a property maintained well than to bring it back up to good standards after letting it go for too long.

More than just how a property looks and the amount of rent that can be expected are involved when talking about property maintenance. Safety, livability and comfort are primary reasons to keep properties well maintained at all times. Routine maintenance is necessary for both the outside and inside of the properties owned by landlords and lived in by tenants.

The outside of a property is the first thing people notice for more reasons than just how nice it looks. If the parking areas and landscaping are not in good shape, it not only looks bad but also looks unsafe and less livable. Over time, paved parking will develop cracks and potholes that present hazards. Landscaping will over grow or die out if neglected, which can mean fallen tree branches. These problems should remedied as quickly as possible.

The potential problems inside of apartments may not be readily visible when people are viewing an apartment they are considering as their new home. Apartments need to be thoroughly inspected between tenants to ensure all wiring, plumbing and structural integrity is sound. Tenants should be able to move in and not be faced with problems almost immediately.

Between tenants isn’t the only time maintenance is important. Parking areas and landscaping must be kept up regularly as they get a lot of wear and tear. The interiors of the properties need ongoing maintenance as things do break down over time. Tenants need to know that when their AC, refrigerator or some wiring has a problem, they can expect repairs in a reasonable time. For tenants, it is more than just a matter of being inconvenienced, it can be a matter of safety and health to get repairs done quickly.

Some problems property owners and tenants face are more common in large cities such as Denver. One of these is graffiti. Even in some of the more upscale neighborhoods, graffiti can be a problem. Keeping on top of cleaning it can be a challenge in some areas while in other areas, it is just an occasional problem.

As an owner, it makes sense to engage a property maintenance service so you aren’t calling multiple companies every time you need maintenance done or need someone to make repairs in one or more apartments. If you use a Colorado property management company, such as Pioneer Property Management, you can make it easier for tenants to report problems that need attention. Pioneer knows that you want to keep tenants long term and keep costs down. Visit https://rentmedenver.com/ and see why Pioneer Property Management is one of the best in the Denver area.

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