Denver property management companies like Pioneer Property Management offer a wide variety of services that include overseeing property maintenance and collecting rent. Even though some tasks involved with owning rental property fits your lifestyle perfectly, duties continue to expand every year. Whether you have one or a multitude of rental properties, the time you spend may have reached an overwhelming point.

One of the top chores of rental property is tenant selection services.

tenant selection

Two reasons owners prefer to hire a third-party company to evaluate prospective renters are difficulty in choosing between tenants and problems of ‘reading’ applicants. It’s not easy to know when a person is being honest or deceptive, so an owner may miss a great tenant or pick a less-than-desirable person. It’s good to know that professional assistance skills are available, affordable, and able to be tailored to suit your needs!

Minimize Legal and Financial Problems

Qualified tenant selection services understand the processes required by local, state and federal law for screening and selecting tenants. They are also aware of regulations regarding property maintenance and handling funds. Maintenance, for example, includes the safety and condition of the property. Scheduled inspections provide written and photographic evidence of the yard and home’s condition. It helps back up statements if a lease is terminated or an eviction notice served. Compliance with the proper method of collecting rent and preservation of security deposits is another method Denver property management companies safeguard landlord and tenants.

Maximize Stellar Tenants

What other benefits arise when professional screening is used to determine qualified tenants? The company knows how to quickly find the details that count by looking over the application, reviewing additional data provided in the interview, and contacting references and other sources. Instead of opening yourself to discrimination suits, the management company documents the screening process to show reasons for accepting or denying an application for rental property.

Property owners also benefit because qualified tenants tend to stay longer and care about their living quarters. Timely rental payments and limited problems regarding lease requirements makes it easier for you to take care of other projects without worrying about rental property. Other property owners probably tell you of the stories they hear when it’s time to collect the rent and it isn’t paid. You’re saved the stress of listening to excuses, whether valid or not, about why the rent is late and of dealing with additional expenses incurred trying to collect the payment.

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