Owner Reviews

Great company! I’ve worked with 4 property management agencies in multiple states and Pioneer Property Mgmt has been the best. Using an agency can be more work than managing a property on your own if you have to check-in to make sure your property is being maintained, hound them for requested info, or negotiate a fair price every time a repair comes up– not the case with Pioneer! I left my condo in their hands for over two years during which everything went smoothly. They found a great tenant, responded quickly and appropriately to any requests, notified me and the tenant of any upcoming decisions with plenty of time to spare, and orchestrated smooth move-in/move-out transitions. Definitely recommend!

Pioneer PM stopped over when we were renovating our rental and gave us some excellent tips on the current rental market and what tenants are looking for. As a result we have had a very good return on our places in the North Denver. It is relief to have this competent, responsive, and intelligent team handling rentals so we don’t have to! The contractors they recommend seem to do a great job and are reasonable and whenever I’ve needed to contact them, they are always very timely in their response. We like that they are knowledgeable about rental rates and trends. We highly recommend them.

Pioneer has managed our family’s Highlands property for nearly four years. My wife and I live in Southeast Asia, so we have to heavily rely on a property manager to attract the best tenants, maintain the appearance, functionality, and value of our property, and to otherwise preserve our investment while we are 9,000 miles away. Pioneer has exceeded our expectations in every category. They communicate in a timely and clear manner, balance cost with quality when issues arise, promptly address any inquiries we have, and find viable and long-term tenants. I can’t imagine looking elsewhere for property management needs.

PPM has been managing our NW Denver property for over 2 years now. The PPM team takes the time to explain everything and makes the process seamless. Always prompt with returning calls and correspondence. If you are looking for a property management team in Metro Denver for, PPM is an excellent choice.

This management team has been managing my property for over 3 years. They are top notch and very honest. They are responsive, clear, and accountable. It has been an excellent relationship as I manage my property internationally. I highly recommend them.

I’m really glad I went with Pioneer Property Mgmt for my house in Whittier. I had to travel out of state for work and had no time to be the landlord. My home is over 100 years old so I was sure there would be a few things that would come up. Their staff has been great! Always responsive and attentive; worth every dime!

We had the pleasure of working with Pioneer PM to assist with my rental in the Denver Lower Highlands (LoHi). We quickly came to appreciate the exceptional level of service we received. Pioneer has their process down, is extremely professional in their tenant screening process, and understands the protocol when any questions or issues arise. Pioneer PM does their very best to work for you.

Pioneer PM is top notch. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They have always found excellent renters for our property in Sloan’s Lake. The staff has a network of professionals to keep the property in excellent condition. Pioneer PM always responded to my calls and emails promptly and as an absentee landlord it was comforting to know my home was well taken care of.

Pioneer Property Management has been managing two properties for my husband and me for almost 4 years. We have been very happy with their service. When they first took over management of our properties, one of our properties was in disrepair and they managed the rehab project. We were very happy with the results of that project. They have found us great tenants and have kept on top of repairs with the houses – we are quite hands off – we don’t live in Denver and only visit every year or two. We just visited the properties and were very happy with everything. I like that they have a web portal where we can see all “transactions” related to our properties and that they are responsive by email and phone. The only tenant issues we have had was with a tenant who was there before they took over (they did not find). They handled that situation with grace and tact, saving us potential headaches. We would definitely recommend Pioneer Property Management to other property owners and to tenants who want to live in a well-managed property.

Pioneer PM has been amazing. They manage my property (Harvey Park, Denver) perfectly. Most of the time, I am completely hands off. The rent comes in, minor repairs and issues are handled per our arrangement, and I get detailed reports of the work and cost handled by them. The one time I had a major repair (washing machine), they did an excellent job keeping me informed, attempting to repair, and when that failed, provided suggestions for replacement. Their level of communication and care has been great. I would highly recommend them for their services!

Pioneer has proven itself to be an exceptional property management company over the past several years they have been managing our 3 rental properties. They have shown good judgement in their recommendations of maintenance and repairs to be made; they have helped us navigate tenant conflicts with grace; they have always found us high quality tenants without causing vacancies; and they are always responsive in emergencies. Whenever we have questions on a property, their experience has been a great resource for us. Moreover, I believe their services have paid for themselves, as we likely would have been renting our properties well below market rates without their guidance.

Richard and his team are great at what they do. As both a landlord and tenant, I appreciate their attention to detail and responsiveness. I am very happy with the service.

Would highly recommend this property management company. We were out of the country for a year and they managed seven rental properties for me and my husband. They met all of our expectations.


Tenant Reviews

I have been at a property managed by Pioneer for several years now. Pioneer has always been very helpful and responsive with any needs that arise. They work with trustworthy service companies and work hard to make sure you are happy and taken care of.

We have been renting from Pioneer Property Management for over one year now and have nothing but positive things to say about them. We rent a small home in south Denver, and with the rent prices in Denver increasing daily, Pioneer offers the best, and most fair, prices for the neighborhood we were looking to rent in. We have had a couple of issues with living in an older home, but Pioneer always responds quickly and diligently. Our water heater broke on Saturday, and Pioneer had a plumber out to replace it within 4 hours. They also hired a handyman to come take the wet floorboards out and dry them. We lost some tree limbs in a storm and they had someone our within a day to pick up all of the branches. They have been incredible to rent from, and their online rental system makes it incredibly easy to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, etc. Their staff have been nothing but friendly. Renting can be a scary experience and we feel very fortunate to be working with such a great company.

I have live in a house owned by Pioneer Property Management for about 14 months. The management company has been extremely helpful through the entire 14 months. Whenever we have a problem we contact Pioneer and put in a service request; we get a call back within a day and fixed within a week. About 2 months ago, on a Saturday our water heater broke and needed it replaced. Pioneer called and had someone check it out that day AND replaced the water heater all before 5:00pm. They are extremely efficient!

We have been renting from Pioneer Property Management since we moved to Denver almost four years ago. From the very beginning they have always gone above and beyond and have been great to work with. If we have any issues, which we have had very few, they quickly respond to our requests and make sure everything is resolved quickly. They quickly installed locking mailboxes when we heard that there had been some mail thefts in the neighborhood (we never had an issue but they wanted to prevent the possibility) and helped us deal with an issue with the water company when we were over billed, and these are just a few examples of their proactive approach to property management. I highly recommend Pioneer Property Management both for your rental or property management needs.

I recently moved from downtown Denver to the Berkeley Lake Tennyson St neighborhood. Pioneer Property Management was great to work with, Richard Sturtevant and Team have been helpful and responsive to any of my concerns.

My wife and I have lived in the Highlands for over 2 years and have loved working with Pioneer Property Management! They immediately respond to any issues (there have not been many). For example, we were getting ready for our son’s birthday party and had a plumbing issue. We needed the issue resolved quickly and Pioneer Property made sure to take care of it. We highly recommend Pioneer Property!

We moved into a home managed by Pioneer Property Management back in August. From the initial application to our time now, I’ve been continually impressed with the service provided. The team at PPM has been fantastic to work with! They have a portal for us to submit maintenance requests, all of which have been completed in a timely fashion. When we’ve worked via email, the communication has been clear and quick. You can learn a lot about people by how they handle less than ideal situations. We even had an unfortunate incident where a bike was stolen (it’s Denver – it happens, even in nicer parts of town). They were incredibly empathetic, and quickly helped us by installing, the very next day, an additional light out back to prevent a possible future issue. They go above and beyond to take care of their tenants, and we are fortunate to rent from them!

Richard is so helpful and informative.  He knew exactly what we were looking for and found us the perfect home with all the amenities we requested.  Would likely recommend Pioneer Property Management for anyone needing high quality service with excellent rental options!

Been renting for almost a year. Furnace went out and they brought over space heaters promptly on a Sunday. Furnace was fixed promptly the next day. Very easy to deal with and no problems. I will renew my lease if I can and would rent from them in the future.

My husband and I rented a property that was managed by Pioneer Property Management and had a very good experience. Pioneer promptly returned our phone calls and assisted us with any issues we had with the property. Pioneer is professional, courteous, and helpful. We would recommend working with this company.

I have been a renter of a property managed by PPM for four years. They are highly professional, easy to contact, and detail oriented. They do a great job looking out for the interests of both owners and renters.

I have rented a duplex from Pioneer Property Management for a year. I am very impressed. I find Richard (the property manager) to be very hard working and easy to communicate with. When I first moved in I was concerned with security and Richard took it upon himself to go out and purchase a motion sensor light which he installed for me right away. I would definitely recommend Pioneer Property Management!

As a renter with this property management group, I have had several interactions with management. All have been pleasant. They truly care about the homes they represent and they are quick to make repairs, etc when necessary. I would rent a home with them again.

We rented from Pioneer Property Management for 5 years and had a wonderful experience.  Communication was ALWAYS prompt and professional, and any issues were taken care of immediately.  We lived in an up-and-coming area in Wheat Ridge and our rent remained consistently reasonable as prices around us increased.  We truly appreciate the responsible management of Richard and Co and can’t recommend the company highly enough!

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