Cheesman Park is both a unique urban park and a well-loved neighborhood that is located in both the City and the County of Denver, in Colorado. It is just southeast of the downtown Denver area. On three borders, private residences line this region. On the west side, it is bordered by Downing Street.

On the east, York Street. In the south, 8th Avenue. In the north, Colfax Avenue. Consisting of 80 beautiful acres, the land of this area consists of nearly 2,000 trees from – at least – 57 different species.

For an investor in real estate, this is a prime location.

Cheesman Park Screencap

The History

The Cheesman Park area neighborhood is considered to be one of the single oldest ones located within Denver. Though officially annexed in the year of 1883, many of the plats in the city go back to the year of 1868. In its earliest years, it was a neighborhood where the wealthy resided in immense and gorgeous mansions.

This was at its completion in the year of 1915. Today, the area is a bit more densely populated; therefore, there are several apartments in place. It is so dense, in fact, that it has been estimated that there are in excess of 12,000 people per every square mile in the area.

Originally, the land that now stands as Cheesman Park was known as “Prospect Hill Cemetery”. It was an area that was not used and transformed into a park, which officially opened in the year of 1907. Originally, it was named after the Congress that allowed for the transformation; however, it was later named for the pioneer named Walter Cheesman. Denver originally purchased the area from the federal government for just $200.

As time continued on, the land was developed so that the demand for housing by people moving into the area. While originally constructed for the business class and other professionals, today, the neighborhood is home to people from all walks of life and all professions.


Today, you will cheese a wide array of historical homes in and around Cheesman Park. The area includes a total of three of Denver’s most popular historic districts. These include Humboldt Island, Wyman’s, as well as Morgan’s Addition. In these districts, you will see vast arrays of architectural styles that were popular within both the 19th and 20th centuries.

There are other housing divisions in the area. Most of those that reside in and around the area are considered to be “Middle Class” and have an average household income of $43,000 or more. While many people have children, mostly unmarried or singles live in the area. They come to the area for the wide array of job opportunities that are available.

The housing market is widely made up of individuals that rent. In fact, there are very few homeowners in the area. This is why it is considered to be an ideal location for investors that specialize in real estate. You will observe many old apartment buildings and several new apartment buildings.

Additionally, many of the mansions that are left from the original construction in the area have been transformed into apartments to meet the housing demand. For investors, this is a wonderful way of making additional rent money because of the historic value of the transformed apartments.

The single-family housing units in the area are worth nearly $800,000. Even specializing in these structures can result in immense profits – especially if renting.

General Description

Generally speaking, the neighborhood serves as an area for those that are part of Capitol Hill. One side of the area is nestled against the greenery and beauty of the Denver Botanic Gardens and mansions outline the opposite side.

It is common to see people gathering and playing games such as volleyball and/or having picnics out there. It is a community driven and community-oriented location that is known for those that have a desire to tend to their affairs, but appreciate the art of rest and relaxation. While close to Denver, it is far enough away to escape the hustle and the bustle of the city.


Cheesman Park is geared more towards those that want to rent rather than those who want to buy. As a real estate investor, you have the ability to purchase and make upwards of $1,100 a month or MORE to rent out that same structure each month.

On average, one bedroom to two bedrooms go for the cheapest amount each month. If you are lucky enough to own a three or four bedroom, you have the capability of – literally – doubling the amount of money that you make each month on the rent that you charge. This is a busy location, so it offers transportation through RTD buses throughout the neighborhoods and the they go to the metro neighborhood and the city. Public transportation makes it even more appealing to those looking to rent in or around the Denver, Colorado area.


There are many venues in and around Cheesman Park in Denver for eating, shopping, and more. Many mistaken its small size to having very little, but within that space, there are many venues and activities that take place. You will find that it contains an amphitheater for concerts and other spectacles, a multitude of coffee houses with a very relaxed atmosphere, casual types of pizzerias, cocktail bars, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and more.

Not only is it an area that is known for its green space, expansive, luscious lawns, and rich history, it is also a location that offers many job opportunities, dining opportunities, fun activities, and entertainment. It is a home away from home environment that caters to everyone that visits.

Cheesman Park Pavilion and Fountain
Cheesman Park Pavilion

Real Estate Market

When reviewing the real estate market – as a whole – you will find that Cheesman Park offers a wide mix of uniquely-styled homes.

Most of these styles reflect those that were popular at the turn of the century. Examples of architectures you will discover include Neoclassical, Queen Anne, Italian-based Renaissance, the Beau Arts, and even the popular Georgian Revival.

In addition to this, there are many condominium and townhouses that actually line the 80-acre park, which is centered in the neighborhood. You may also find lofts and other types of traditional home units in and around the neighborhood.

Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of tenants.

The Amenities

Cheesman Park allows for individuals to enjoy an urban-based lifestyle, but without the excessive noise and activity that is common in big cities. Residents may enjoy a high-quality outdoor life without having to endure a very long commute.

The true “heart” of this neighborhood is the lush park. It consists of grass that is lush and vivid green, a multitude of gorgeous nature paths, and a highly iconic and historically significant pavilion. Many describe this park as a natural oasis.

Its origination was a cemetery. Today, many stories of the macabre history are spread throughout the area. There are even many stories that the area is haunted. For many, this is an instant attraction to the area.

Lush greenery, with a walkway across the scene
DENVER BOTANIC GARDENS. By Daderot – Self-photographed, Public Domain, Link

There are many events that transpire at the Botanic Gardens. By walking south of this area, you will observe many unique boutiques and high-end, luxurious restaurants in the Cherry Creek region. Just north, you will discover many shops and other local flavors that are situated along the Colfax region.

There is also a large downtown region that most residents flock to on a regular basis to shop, eat, and handle their affairs. Many people strive to obtain a residence in Denver. Being that the supply in that part of Denver County is so low, many of those same individuals flock to the Cheesman Park area. While not directly in the city, it offers the same level of amenities and easy access to the City of Denver.

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