Managing Your Own Investment Property

Managing your own investment property

When owning property in and around the Denver Colorado area, you must decide whether to contract a property manager, or take on managing your own investment property.

There are several factors that go into that decision, but the biggest deciding factor is… what is your time and aggravation worth?

What a property manager handles on your behalf?

  • Marketing Property
  • Showing potential tenants
  • Reviews application and assesses potential risk from credit report
  • Works with tenants with any tenant needs.
  • Assists in the upgrades, cleaning, and remodeling of the rental unit
  • Provides Accounting Details.
  • Handles Evictions, summons, and collections

The average commission for all of these services range between 10%-15% of the rent amount, which is a small amount when considering the time, effort and aggravation

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