Most of us have wished – from time to time – that we could tell if someone was being honest with us or not.  If youre renting property, this may be much more important when looking for honest tenants.

In this article, we will be going over some secrets on how to find honest tenants.  While not all the items here will apply to every person, they have been tested and found to be accurate in most studies. If you are a real estate professional that conducts an interview prior to approving tenants for your Denver rentals, you are sure from reading the information contained here.

A person’s body language can say a lot about how truthful that they are being. If you find that a person is very stiff, chances are, they are not being honest. People who are honest move about freely and easily with little or no effort, but people who are being dishonest are usually very stiff and seem to force movement when it comes to their body. When conducting interviews while screening tenants, place close to attention to how they are acting, moving, and holding themselves.

People who are being dishonest often tend to give a lot of detail when they are speaking. This is because they believe that if they tell you enough detail, you will believe them. Of course, many people are just very detailed when speaking, but you will learn to recognize who is like this and who is not. Another important characteristic of lying is a person may turn red or start to sweat. If you notice this, chances are what they are telling you are being told in a dishonest way. These are definite signs that the tenant you are interviewing is likely the type of person that you do not want to rent your Denver property.

It is also vital that you recognize the person’s comfort level when speaking to them. Do they seem uncomfortable? Do they place an object between the two of you? If you notice these types of behaviors, it could be that the person is being dishonest and are uncomfortable in the pace of the conversation. Often, subjects may be changed quite quickly and/or they abruptly end the entire conversation completely.

Eye contact is another important thing to consider when evaluating a person’s honesty. If a person keeps eye contact and blinks appropriately, then they are probably being honest with you. If they look away quite often and blink excessively, they may be being dishonest with you. If you see someone looking to the right when they speak to you, it could be that they are lying because looking in this direction indicates the area of the brain that makes up things and constructs stories to go along with them.

These are some of the most common secrets on how to tell if a person is being dishonest. These may not be the case for everyone and may not apply in all situations. As stated previously, these are signs that have been evaluated in case studies and determined to be the most common traits of dishonesty.

If you are truly attempting to determine if you have an honest tenant that’s right for your Denver rental property, pay close attention to how they act and what they say; it could mean the difference between a positive and productive situation or an extremely costly mistake that you will regret for many years to come.

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