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If you’re a renter, you might think things are stacked against you. The truth is in most situations, there are a few things you can do to help improve your odds and to keep your landlord happy. It’s as simple as doing some of the following things.

Bad or No Credit Doesn’t Have to Be The End

Most rental companies understand that things happen. If you have former landlords writing you a letter of recommendation, and are able to make a larger than requested security deposit, a new landlord will likely work with you.

As you do this, make sure you constantly are working on improving your credit score so that when your next lease is up, you are prepared to have an easier time. One of the best ways to improve your credit, is to ensure you pay your rent on time!

Make Your Landlord Happy and Upgrade Your Rental At The Same Time

Say no to the black walls and to doing any kind of damage to the space. Instead, speak to your landlord and ask to make small modifications. Things like toilet paper holders, towel holders, and bathroom fixtures are simple to replace and aren’t a costly change.

You can even change out light switch covers and other items with permission and then keep the originals to put back in place before you move out. This allows you to make the space your own, without you having to make any massive modifications that the landlord will have to change. If there are advanced directives when you move in on items disallowed, it is a good idea to avoid making those suggestions as they are usually included based on the landlords previous experiences.

Don’t Assume Everything is the Landlords Responsibility

Before you rent in any state, it’s a great idea to review the tenants’ rights and responsibilities in the state. As they will vary from one location to the next. Instead of hounding the landlord to only find out that things are your responsibility, you can cut down on the frustration you both have and ensure that your rental experience goes smoothly and is positive on both ends. That can ensure a happy renting agreement for years to come.

Try to Work Out Conflicts with Others Before Involving The Landlord

Those Friday night parties can be a headache. But before you drag the landlord into the mix and create a hostile situation, speak to your neighbors first. Most neighbors are not aware of their noise levels at times and this is the best way for you to give them some insight. If you continue to prove to be unsuccessful, then you can consider having the landlord assist you in this situation.

Remember, there are options out there beyond the obvious when you are renting a property. Make sure you keep these items in mind and take the time to get to know your landlord on a personal level. That way, you can gain a deeper understanding of what they seek for in the perfect renter and you can quickly become that person that they need.

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