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Property managers and those seeking services of Denver property management companies, make your plans to attend the 15th Annual Property Management Conference. It is being held February 8th, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center.

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Shaking Hands

The process of property management and all that it entails – such as tenant location services, tenant screening services, property maintenance, leasing services, and many other components of the rent scene – has evolved immensely the past couple of decades.

Now, a vast array of knowledge and expertise is being bestowed upon others. Those that attend the conferences of the Colorado Real Estate Journal seem to reap the highest level of rewards.

All in all, over 500 real estate management professionals are expected to attend the event. Numerous professionals from specialized property management associations are expected to attend the event. Examples of these agencies include both the IREM and the BOMA. These experts are expected to provide a vast array of tools, resources, and educational programs that will assist any person in real estate in achieving high levels of success in property management.

Experts in the Industry

Property management professionals work with a large assortment of experts. These include the landlords of various property types, architects, those that specialize in tax consultation, engineering professionals, real estate brokers, those that specialize in security, as well as the tenants that reside on the various property types. By attending this massive conference event, you have the potential to network with the most knowledgeable professionals within the industry.

Management Education

This property management conference plans to educate – at length – the most important key to successful real estate management; that is, the people that elect to lease and/or rent the properties – the tenants. By discovering what is most important to the tenants and what those individuals seek out of properties, property management and real estate professionals can combine their knowledge and tools to satisfy the expectations of those individuals. In turn, this results in higher tenant retention rates and higher profits for the landlords of the properties.

A specially-designed broker panel, an investment panel, and a public accountant will be attending this conference in order to guide, educate, and assist property management professionals. Top names in attendance include Patrick Devereaux, John Jugl, Bruce Backstrom, Matthew W. Poling, Dan Simpson, Adam Paul, Judith Purviance-Anderson, Lyla. A. Gambow, Rick Door, Sarah Spencer-Workman, Kim Woods, Andrew Glaser, Kristin Bishop, April May, and Thomas E. Bahn.

If you want to excel at your career, learn the ins and outs of property management, and gain access to a multitude of knowledge, tools, and resources that will allow you to achieve success in the Denver real estate market, plan on attending this massive conference. To learn the schedule of the conference, the sponsors, the exhibitors, the cost, and more about each of the speakers that will be present, simply click on the following link now: https://crej.com/event/15th-annual-property-management-conference-expo/