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Nestled in the City of Denver, Colorado, Capitol Hill is considered one of the most historical – yet magnificently vibrant – neighborhoods throughout the region.

Situated in the southeast region of Denver’s Central Business District, this residential neighborhood is an exceptionally popular region – with both those seeking to invest in real estate for the purpose and intent of making a profit and those seeking to relocate to the area. Its dense population attests to this fact.

Colorado State Capitol


The Design

In years past, Capitol Hill was considered to be the home of the Foursquare architecture. This is hailed as both “elite” and “aesthetically pleasing”. When you visit the neighborhood today, you will immediately discover that it is a unique combination of historically significant buildings and exceptionally modern apartments and condos.

It has an urban vibe while also cherishing its unique history. The influences of both the Downtown region of Denver and the State Capitol play a large role in the influence of the design of this neighborhood.

The Commercial District

There is a heavy commercial presence in the neighborhood – especially in the area of Lincoln Street, Broadway, Colfax Avenue, and the corresponding streets.

Despite having served as residences in the past, the commercial district includes a multitude of mansions that are now being used as offices and other business purposes. This has a lot to do with the multitude of zoning exemptions that are available to such historically significant structures. If you are seeking to invest in real estate that caters to businesses, this neighborhood is considered ideal.

The Hotspots

There are several wonderful locations and destinations kept within the Capitol Hill neighborhood. For starters, the neighborhood is known as being the home of the Colorado activist who also served as a socialite and a philanthropist, Margaret “Molly” Brown.

Here, you will find the structure appropriately referred to as the “Molly Brown House”. You will also discover a vast array of carefully crafted mansions and architecturally beautified churches. If you are intrigued by mystery and the paranormal, you will be pleased to find that many of the locations of the historical buildings throughout this Denver neighborhood are actually considered to be “haunted”.

As you continue to explore this amazing neighborhood, you will find that its vibrance – which combines the arts, history, and culture – sets it apart from other Denver neighborhoods.

Here, you will find the unique, gold-domed capitol building that includes a detailed marker on its 13th step, boasting the phrase “Mile High”. A vast array of museums are located within the neighborhood where you can view art, take selfies, explore the history of the area, learn about money, and more. If you have a passion for the arts and enjoy learning about history, you are sure to find yourself with many opportunities to explore.

Food and Beverage Options

In addition to the museums and the amazing structures that can be explored, you also will discover many options for foods and beverages. If you enjoy vegetarian meals, you will love City O’ City.

If you want a wonderful cocktail to relax, you will appreciate that which Hudson Hill has to offer. If coffee is your beverage of choice, you will adore the menu offered at Pablo’s Coffee and Subculture.

For pizza lovers, you can choose from Benny Blanco’s, Sexy Pizza, and more. For a simple, social brunch, you will find that you enjoy Jelly and Sassafras.


There are many people in Capitol Hill. The streets are a bit tight and are definitely crowded. While that limits the amount of available parking, it does not limit all of the activities and adventures that may be pursued within the neighborhood.

The culture is immensely rich and allows you the unique opportunity to meet people from widely diverse backgrounds.

There are two main parks that will allow you to socialize, enjoy a variety of entertainment, and meet many people. These are Cheesman Park and the Civic Center Park. Here, you can enjoy a multitude of gatherings as well as many different festivals that occur throughout the year.

The Early Years

In its earliest history, Capitol Hill was the home of the most elite figures. This explains the vast amount of elaborately constructed mansions located within the area.

Then, the Silver Crash occurred in the year of 1893. This resulted in a downfall of the local economy. This is when apartment buildings started to be built in the area.

The culture and general demographics started to change. Suddenly, rentals were developed for those that were considered to be middle class, economically speaking.

As time progressed, Interstate 70 was built.

Individuals who traveled a lot were artists of varying sorts, and others flocked to the region. It was during this time that the neighborhood took on a whole new life.

Today, that vibrant combination of backgrounds is reflected. Capitol Hill caters to people of all economic backgrounds and cultures. For those that have an interest in real estate investment, this is an ideal location. This is because you can offer homes to those with vast amounts of money and those with significantly less – but still, enjoy immense levels of profits.

It does not matter if you have an interest in the residential section, commercial district, or in industry – this neighborhood has it all.

Investment Opportunity

If you have an interest in taking advantage of the numerous opportunities provided by the City of Denver, you may find yourself perplexed at the lack thereof because of the saturation; however, by zooming in on the Capitol Hill neighborhood, you can still enjoy all of the benefits that Denver has to offer.

This neighborhood is conveniently part of the City of Denver, yet often overlooked – in terms of opportunity. All you have to do is connect with a property manager that knows the ins and the outs of the area in order to discover a location that is perfect for your investment needs.

Molly Brown House

Molly Brown House Museum in Denver’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood source

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Cheesman Park. source
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