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Located within the City of Denver, Cheesman Park is both a beautiful eighty-acre park and cherished neighborhood. Tucked away in an area that is east of Capitol Hill, this is a gorgeous area bordered by Downing Street, York Street, 8th Avenue, and Colfax Avenue.

The land is not only known for its amazing beauty, but it is also known for its 2,000 trees that stem from nearly 60 different species. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, Cheesman Park consists of prime real estate.


History of Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is one of the most historical regions in and around Denver. It was annexed in the year of 1883, but its history goes back – at least – a couple of decades prior. In its earliest days, it was home to the immensely wealthy. Today, it consists of magnificently constructed homes and apartments. Since its completion in 1915, it has grown immensely. Today, approximately 12,000 people make up each and every square mile.

Prospect Hill Cemetery

Cheesman Park was originally known as “Prospect Hill Cemetery”. Named after the pioneer in the area, Walter Cheesman, Denver purchased the area for the low price of $200 and transformed it into a gorgeous park and living area. It originally catered towards businesses and the wealthy; however, today, it serves a community that include individuals from all professions, backgrounds, and social status. It is an area known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The Housing Market

The housing market consists of numerous historical homes, historical districts, and modern rentals. Morgan’s Addition, Humboldt Island, and Wyman’s are exceptionally popular historical regions that offer homes of many architectural styles and designs – especially those that were popular during both the 19th century and the 20th century.

Most of the neighborhoods in Cheesman Park are priced and prepared for those that are considered to be Middle Class and the Working Class. The average income in the area is between $42,000 and $45,000. The housing market appeals to all – be it students, singles, married couples, or entire families. It is an attractive area due to the vast array of recreational activities and the availability of jobs in and around the area.

While there are homeowners that live within Cheesman Park, the area widely consists of rental properties and tenants. Due to this fact, real estate investors are wise to invest in the opportunities within this area. Single-family units have a potential worth of $800,000 or more. Mansions and other large homes in the area have and can be transformed into multi-housing units – which are worth even more. If you are an investor in search of rentals, Cheesman Park is extremely promising in terms of success and earning potential.

Rental Potential

If you are a real estate investor that has an interest in purchasing property for the purpose and intent of renting, you will be pleased to know that Cheesman Park offers many opportunities in this market. In fact, average rental rates are right around $1,100 a month. In many areas, average monthly rates are even higher! If you invest in 3-bedrooms or 4-bedroom homes, you may charge upwards of $2,200 or more!

The area has apartments that are a mix of new developments and older structures. Mansions have been converted into apartments for renters. Approximately one-quarter of the residents actually live in homes that they own. As a real estate investor in this area, it is best to opt for opportunities that will allow you to rent to tenants. This is the most lucrative approach to making money as a real estate investor.

General Appeal

There are many reasons why Cheesman Park is considered to be appealing to renters. First, it is nestled immediately against the lovely and highly captivating Denver Botanic Gardens. It is a community-driven and community-oriented area where people gather, socialize, live, work, and play. It is highly appealing to those that want an area with varying opportunities but also appreciate resting and relaxing.

Cheesman Park is close enough to Denver for individuals to take advantage of the immense opportunities, but far enough away to avoid the hustle and the bustle associated with the big city life. The RTD buses offer transportation through and around the neighborhood. Public transportation opportunities are highly appealing to many – especially those that work or go to school in Denver.

In evaluating the venues, you will find that Cheesman Park consists of many. There is an amphitheater for special events, activities, and concerts. There are coffee houses, pizzerias, bars, boutiques, restaurants, various types of retailers, and more. It is an area known for its greenery and expansive and highly luxurious lawns. It is an area that has an extremely rich history, activities, and various types of entertainment. It is an area that caters to all, yet provides a quaint, home away from home atmosphere.

Real Estate Variations

In reviewing the real estate market in Cheesman Park, you will discover a wide and highly unique mix of homes that vary in both type and style. It is easy to discover turn-of-the-century architecture and various architectural styles. These include Queen Anne, Beau Arts, Neoclassical, Italian Renaissance, and Georgian Revival. There are condominiums, standard and comprehensive apartment complexes, and townhouses. It is also an area that is known for its simple structures, such as lofts.

Cheesman Park Amenities

Cheesman Park is an area that allows for people to enjoy an urban type of lifestyle, but without the noise and all of the activity that is common within big cities. The outdoor life and all its associated recreational opportunities may be enjoyed without having to engage in a long commute. The lush and exotic park is the true heart of the region. Its lush greenery, exquisite nature paths, and its iconic pavilion make it a place where people enjoy gathering.

The beautiful park is hailed by many as a natural oasis. Originally, this was a cemetery. It is not at all uncommon to hear stories associated with the region’s macabre history. Many claim that the area is haunted – which makes the area instantly attractive to many. Is it possible to live in such an area of beauty, yet live among those that have crossed from the physical world to the spiritual world? If you ask the residents of Cheesman Park, they will say “yes”.

Throughout the year, many exciting events take place at the Botanic Gardens. In the southern region, you will discover high-end restaurants that serve exquisite dishes and unique boutiques that carry the finest merchandise. In the northern region, there are numerous shopping venues and restaurants that focus on the local flavors. You will also discover an immensely popular downtown region. Cheesman Park is truly an area that offers immense variety to its inhabitants. This is why it is also considered one of the most appealing of all neighborhoods near the City of Denver.

Real Estate is in High Demand

The beauty, appeal, and amenities offered in and around Cheesman Park make it one of the most popular regions in Colorado – in terms of demand for real estate. It is in exceptionally high demand. As a result of this demand and the supply in the area, prices are often quite high. It is important to get the most bang for your buck. You want those properties that are lowest priced so that you have the highest level of profitability in your real estate endeavors.

To succeed in this, you need a property manager that knows everything that there is to know about Cheesman Park. This describes us here at Pioneer. We not only have the broadest level of knowledge about the area, but we have the highest access of knowledge on the deals in and around the area. We are capable of helping you get the best price for the properties that you purchase.

In addition to our inside information and wide range of resources, we offer a large selection of services to real estate investors. It is our responsibility to work for you so that you may live and enjoy the financial rewards of your investments. Examples of the services that we offer include – but are not at all limited to – tenant screening services, composing leases and ensuring the legality of those leases, background checks, property maintenance, and the collection of rent monies. This is just a small example of the various services you can enjoy with us!

We have been ranked in the top 20 Best Property Managers in Denver for the last five years. We have been named one of the Best Property Management Companies for the past four years. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and are known to offer the most comprehensive packages of any property management company located in and around Denver, Colorado. If you are ready to invest, we are ready to assist! Check out our page to see the towns, cities, and neighborhoods in which we specialize.

Cheesman Park Pavilion

Colorized photo of the Pavilion in 1910. Source.

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