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Congress Park is a neighborhood marked by tradition. Its quaint appearance and small-town atmosphere have resulted in it being named one of Denver’s best neighborhoods.

Due to its close proximity to the popular Botanic Gardens of Denver, a historic district full of charm, and numerous dining options and shopping venues, numerous individuals and families are flocking to the area to live. If you are a real estate investor, continue reading to learn about this fantastic investment opportunity.

Denver Botanic Gardens

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One of the most unique aspects of the Congress Park neighborhood near Denver is its rich and vast history. Up until the 1850s – during the gold rush of Pikes Peak – the area was land owned by the Native Americans. In the late part of the 1880s, the air quality pushed people from Denver to outer reaching areas. By March 11th of 1889, Congress Park was officially incorporated into the City of Denver. Originally, this area was identified as “Capitol Heights”. The area is bounded on the north side by Colfax Ave, on the east side by Colorado Blvd., the west side by York St., and the south side by Sixth Ave.

Significant Landmarks

One of the most appealing aspects of Congress Park are the many significant landmarks in the region. These include a total of eight courts for playing tennis, a beautiful and fun-filled playground for children, a pavilion used for picnicking, and an outdoor swimming pool designated for public usage. Additionally, Congress Park is in close proximity to the Denver Botanic Gardens. The East Seventh Ave. Parkway leads into one of the largest and most popular of all historic districts in the City of Denver – the 7th Avenue Historic District.

General Neighborhood Overview

Congress Park is an approximate 30-minute drive to the Downtown region of the City of Denver. There are a total of 10 schools. There are homes available to purchase and to rent. The average rent cost is anywhere from $1.1 k to as high as $4.6 k a month. Most homes available for sale on the market range from 214,000 to 1.8 million. For investors, this is a wonderful area to specialize in real estate. In addition to renting and selling single family homes, there are multi-family homes, commercial properties, and more available. If you are in search of real estate opportunities within Congress Park – be it investment properties or rental properties that are currently available, you may contact Pioneer Property Management today.

An Urban Gem

Congress Park is often identified as the “urban gem”. It is an area of leafy streets, kind people, and numerous types of homes for all tastes. These include Queen Annes, the Denver Squares, and a multitude of cute little bungalows. Bike lanes, bus stops, and other forms of transportation make the commuting process relatively easy. The space is natural, green, and beautiful. It is a district that caters to family, includes a wide assortment of businesses, and is in close proximity to the City of Denver. Opportunities abound for everyone who finds themselves situated in this amazing urban gem.


Congress Park is a neighborhood that is highly appealing to younger adults. The average age of resident in the area is 34 years old. A total of approximately 73% of all people that are 25 or older have – at minimum – a bachelor’s degree. Many have even higher! Any trips that are taken within the area span a time frame of as little as 15 minutes to 30 minutes. About 55% of all of the housing units in the area are lived in by renters due to the affordability and close proximity of opportunities of all types. Families make up about 35% of all of the households. The average income in the Congress Park neighborhood in the City of Denver is about $81,790. The population is just under 12,000.

Neighborhood Ranks

Congress Park has a real estate rank of a total of 45. The school score is better than average at 3.5. The crime rate is only 16. The information used to create these ranks include home prices, crime ratings, school rankings, the public transportation system, restaurants, shopping venues, and more. If you are a tenant in search of a nice, safe neighborhood with ample opportunities in terms of education and work, Congress Park is the way to go. If you are a real estate investor, you will discover a vast array of opportunities are available in the area. To get inside information, contact Pioneer Property Management today.


One of the highlights of Congress Park is that nearly all things are within walking distance. In fact, the neighborhood ranks 8 out of 10 in terms of a walkability score. The 40 bus does go through this area if there is a need for public transportation. Additionally, one may take an Uber or a Lyft. The ease of transportation makes it an appealing area for many – especially those that want to live, work, and play without the expense and hassle of owning a vehicle.

Restaurants and Coffee

There are many restaurants and other venues to grab a bite to eat or a spectacular coffee. One of the most popular locations is the Italian bistro, Shells and Sauce. Here, one may order homemade Italian dishes, fish, a variety of meats, appetizers, and a highly varied wine list is available. There is a diner called Chef Zorba’s. Here, many American and Greek favorites may be enjoyed. It is also said that individuals may obtain the best gyro sandwich around at this restaurant. Popular coffee shops include Downpours Coffee and Frank & Roze Coffee Co. For those with a well-developed palate, there are many food and beverage spectaculars in Congress Park!

Highly-Rated Shopping Centers

There are many shopping centers in and around Congress Park that are highly rated by consumers. These include the following:

1. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center
2. Cherry Creek North
3. The Fillmore Plaza
4. The Colorado Plaza
5. The Artisan Center
6. Coloradical
7. 9+ CO
8. Nordstrom
9. Athleta
10. The Cherry Creek Watch Company

Regardless of what type of shopping venue one is in search of, it can be found in Congress Park. The wide variety of shopping venues provides real estate investors with many opportunities in commercial real estate.

The Housing Market

The Congress Park housing market is rich with opportunities. In 2022, the home prices in the area went up a whopping 21.1%. Median prices range around the $758,000 mark. It takes a home just under 3 weeks to sell – on average – after being placed on the market. In just one month, anywhere from 30 to 50 homes may be sold at a time. The housing market has a “hot” rate of 83, which translates to very competitive. Most homes get multiple offers, with a few including contingencies that are waived. Most will sell for 4% above the price that is listed and go into pending status within 4 days. Hot homes will typically go into pending in 3 days and get 8% above the listing price.

Climate Risks

When purchasing a home in Congress Park or electing to rent in the area, it is imperative to learn of the climate risks of the area. Here, the drought risk is considered to be very high. The heat risk is high. The risk for storms is low and the risk of fire is very low. While it is true that any home will need to be insured and renters are advised to get rental insurance, generally speaking, residential structures are at low risk for climate-related complications. This is another reason why this makes the perfect place to live or to invest.

Is Congress Park a Good Neighborhood?

Yes, Congress Park – which is located within Denver County – is considered to be one of the best locations to live within the entire State of Colorado. While most residents rent their home, the area is traditional with an urban feel. Parks, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and shopping venues abound within the area. As a result, people that reside in the area have plenty to do and numerous opportunities for employment. Those that invest in real estate have the vantage point of providing living spaces to tenants in order to create a lucrative monthly income. If you are in search of value, demand, and opportunity, Congress Park is the best – in terms of Colorado neighborhoods in close proximity to the City of Denver.

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