If you are an investor that is looking to strike quick in a sizzling real estate market that will allow you to magnify your return on an immense level, look no further than the sizzling hot area of Denver, Colorado.

Heat Up Your Profits in Denver

Real estate investors are finding that their profits are super-hot when they choose Denver, Colorado. The inventory in residential units in this Colorado city is extremely low; however, the demand is exceptionally high.

Information derived from Re/Max Holdings, Inc. informs us that Denver actually has the lowest supply of residential units throughout the United States.

This is why Forbes recently placed the city as number one in the real estate “Boom” market.

While most on their list of 25 markets are in the earliest stages of a massive boom, they specify that the Denver market is already well within the boom.

Low Supply Equals High Prices

The low supply of residential real estate in Denver is equaling to high prices. The Colorado Realtors Association has determined that the average price of a home directly in the metro area of Denver comes in at approximately $440,000. The national average ranks in at a price of $258,000.

This means that real estate investors have the ability to experience a profit of at least $182,000 – on average – by opting for Denver instead of other areas in the United States.

In addition to the low supply of residential homes on the market, the ones that are on the market only remain there for approximately three weeks, at most. This means that those that are available are moving fast. By getting in now – while the supply is low and the demand is high – you are more likely to experience a massive amount of profits in your real estate investing endeavors.

Population Increases Due to an Ever-Expanding Economy

Apart from a low supply of available residences in the Denver area, the next reason why the market is in a boom is that the population in the area continues to increase due to the ever-expanding economy of the region. People are flocking to the area for jobs and the stability associated with the available employment opportunities. Since the year of 2010, nearly 320,000 people have relocated to Denver.

The good news is, even if you don’t want to sell out yet, the opportunity to rake in hot profits is very high in the rental market, too! In fact, since the year of 2013, rent is up 44% and people are more than willing to pay the prices to achieve some sense of financial stability in their lives that the jobs in the area can provide.

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