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Property Management Professionals

Property management professionals manage large investments. Deciding who to hire is a big decision. It’s important to hire someone reputable. You’ll want to do a fair amount of research to choose the best company for your individual needs. Certain qualities such as being organized, having an extensive amount of experience, and displaying a high level of honesty are givens.

There are numerous ways to identify reputable property management professionals. In this two-part series, you will be introduced to several factors that should be thoroughly considered before making your decision.

Find Reputable Property Management Professionals


Property Management ProfessionalsStep #1: Conduct Online Research
The first step to discovering reputable property management professionals is to conduct online research. There are a number of websites that will allow you to enter in information about your property – such as the location and the type – and will then return results about property professionals in and/or around your area. Once you have discovered property management professionals that are within your region, you may search online for reviews.

In addition to this, the Better Business Bureau website will allow you to research the company. Here, you will discover the overall rating of the company and if the company has had any type of complaints filed against them. People love to share information. If you want to get the real story on a property management professional, the World Wide Web has a vast array of information that is easily accessible.

Step #2: Research The License and Certifications
The next step to identifying a reputable property management professional is to take the time to research any licenses and certifications that they hold. At the minimum, the professional will likely have a broker’s license for real estate and/or a special license for property management. In order to uncover this information, you may consult the Real Estate Commission that is available for your state.

Additionally, there are many organizations that offer a special type of certification immediately following the successful completion of a training program designed for real estate and property management. You may check with these organizations to determine if the property manager you are researching has completed any of these training courses. The top organizations are as follows:

  • The National Apartment Association
  • Community Associations Institute
  • The Institute of Real Estate Management
  • The National Association of Residential Property Managers

Property Management ProfessionalsStep #3: Review Current Work
The next step to identifying reputable property management professionals is to review the work in which they are currently engaged. There are several creative ways to do this.

First, review the rental advertisements that are currently in place. You will want to ensure that these ads display a high level of professionalism and captivate through compelling content.

Next, do they advertise on free resources only, or, do they have a combination of free and paid advertisements? Find out where their properties are and visit those locations. Are they clean and well-maintained? If you run into any tenants, ask them if they are happy and what their opinions are regarding the company.

Believe it or not, you have the ability to learn quite a bit in terms of a property manager’s reputation by simply reviewing their current work.

Thank you for reading the first installment of this series. If you want to learn how to find a reputable property management professional, visit us next week for the concluding installment of this comprehensive series.

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