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The Lincoln Park Neighborhood is situated in Denver, Colorado. The estimated population ranks in at nearly 7,000. Located within the boundaries of Denver County, this particular neighborhood has an urban atmosphere. According to research, most of those that reside within the neighborhood are renters. If you are a property owner seeking to sublet housing units, this is an ideal area for focus. In the same respect, if you are in search of rental property for yourself and/or yourself and your family, this is an ideal destination.

Lincoln Park Colorado
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An Oldie, But Goodie

Lincoln Park is situated in close proximity to the downtown Denver area. It is also within a short distance of the Art District in the Santa Fe region. Out of all of the neighborhoods in and around the City of Denver, Lincoln Park is considered to be one of the oldest. It is often referred to as the “West Side” or as “La Alma”. While it has a rich and extensive history, most of the structures date back to about the year of 1900.

Basic Demographics

Generally speaking, whites make up nearly 33% of the population. Other populations include over 7% African American, nearly 4% Asian, 1.51% Native American. Additionally Hispanic/Latino of any racial background makes up about 53% of the entire population. The median sale value on homes is about $376,000. The median rent is nearly $1,200 a month. A total of 72% of the entire population rents while the remaining 28% own their home. Most of the population within the neighborhood are liberals – in terms of their political beliefs.

Grade Estimates

The following outlines the grade estimates of various aspects of the Lincoln Park Neighborhood:

  1. Commute – A
  2. Cost of Living – C
  3. Crime & Safety – C
  4. Diversity – A
  5. Good for Families – B
  6. Health & Fitness – A
  7. Housing – D
  8. Jobs – B
  9. Nightlife – A
  10. Outdoor Activities – A
  11. Public Schools – C
  12. Weather – B

Generally speaking, there are a lot of young professionals that reside in and around this community. Many of these individuals find that the housing prices, variety, and general cost of living do not appropriately match their income – at first. However, as they start to advance in their careers and more income is available, they grow to find that the area is perfectly suited.

This is part of the problem on the above-listed grades in cost of living and housing. If you specialize in rental property, you would want to place an emphasis on variety – in terms of housing types – and average rents based on the national average. If you focused on these two aspects, you would find that you experience a high level of success in the area.


To get an idea of what type of business landscape you would be entering as a property owner/manager in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood, it is first important to understand the type of housing landscape that currently exists. Today, the neighborhood has a large assortment of single-family homes that are detached houses. It is also common to see row houses, multiple-story Victorians, brick-based bungalows, stucco homes, and duplexes.

The most prominent of all housing developments in and around Lincoln Park include two main complexes. The first is the Parkway Center, which offers apartments. The second is the Denver Tower Complex, which offers condominiums. There is a public housing facility available, too. This is the North Lincoln Park establishment. Additionally, there are mixed income housing units available. As a property manager, you may want to consider multiple-housing units that cater to those with lower incomes. This would instantly gain the attention of the young professionals that are known to flock to the area for work and are constantly looking for rentals that match their budget.

Median Income

While we are on the topic of affordability and budgets, it is important to note that the highest of ALL median incomes of those that reside within the Lincoln Park Neighborhood is approximately $116,000. While this may seem a bit on the high side, you should understand that this is not the average you should consider when creating rental units for tenants. In fact, you should go significantly lower – perhaps around $95,000. While it is true that you could base your rental averages higher in neighboring communities, the demand is higher for homes in Lincoln Park and the supply of affordable housing options is low. On the long term, you would do best to meet the demand where the demand is located.


There are many establishments, parks, restaurants, shops, and more situated throughout Lincoln Park. Art is highly revered among the residents and visitors, alike. In the area, you will find the following:

  • Museo de las Americas
  • The Center for Visual Art
  • The Buckhorn Exchange
  • Sunken Gardens Park
  • Radio Station KGNU
  • The Denver Civic Theater/El Centro Sa Teatro
  • Basketball Court
  • Softball Field
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Recreation Center
  • Sand Volley Ball Court
  • Seniors Programming
  • Denver Inner City Parish
  • Denver’s Art District
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • And, more!

The arts, the nightlife, and outdoor recreational activities are at the core of what Lincoln Park has to offer. As an investor, it is best to gear the housing units around the culture of the neighborhood. People from all over flock to this area for its rich culture and broad range of activities. By keeping their preferences, income, and desires in mind, you are sure to create a highly profitable real estate business. If you specialize in both renting properties, buying and selling properties, you will have a well-rounded portfolio that renders you an immense level of success.

Property Management

If you elect to specialize in real estate in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, you will find that the work never ceases. This is a highly robust career choice that comes with many responsibilities. We have found that many that pursue this line of work in this area find that they are quickly overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with it. Unfortunately, many have actually pulled out of the fast-paced career. The good news is, you don’t have to pull out! We here at Pioneer Property Management offer a vast array of services that will put your business on autopilot and allow you to achieve the success that you desire – without all of the hard work!


If you are in search of rentals in or around the Lincoln Park Neighborhood, you may find yourself bogged down a bit when it comes to looking for something that you want and need in terms of housing. We can assist you, too! We have all of the inside information regarding the units that are currently available. If you are in search of something specific, or in a pinpointed location, or near a certain amenity – such as public transportation or school – we can help! Simply contact our office today and explain what it is that you are searching for and we will immediately start the hunt!

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