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The Lowry neighborhood located in Denver, Colorado is quickly gaining immense popularity among tenants, homeowners, and those that specialize in real estate. It is bordered by 11th Avenue, Alameda Avenue, Dayton/Havana, and Quebec/Monaco/Oneida. Its location alone makes it a prime location for investors of all types. It also makes it an ideal location for individuals and families that have a desire to live in an area that is bursting with opportunities. Continue reading to learn more.


The Lowry neighborhood is a highly unique and creative mixed-use community. The area formerly served as the Air Force Base. It has since been redeveloped. This area transitioned into an urban-infill project. This means that it is rich in amenities and close enough to the city to experience the culture, venues, and sheer excitement offered there. It does not matter if you are in search of a rental, a home, or a real estate opportunity – you will find it! Best of all, it will be a part of the vibrant metro region of the City of Denver!

Lowry has approximately 20% of all of the park-based space located in the City of Denver. This includes just over 800 acres of beautiful outdoor scenery, parks, and unique spaces where the great outdoors may be enjoyed. There is something for everyone in this area. Examples include carefully-crafted and safe playgrounds, a recreation center, amphitheaters, trails for biking and hiking, an ice arena, pool, a park for dogs, a sports complex and associated playing fields, and even an ice arena! Be it young, old, single, married, or families – you are sure to uncover a vast array of activities in the Lowry neighborhood! Currently, Lowry has a population of nearly 10,100 people.

There are approximately 3,000+ homes, apartments, duplexes, and condos in and around the Lowry neighborhood. The area is small, yet bursting with opportunity. It has the small-town community atmosphere, but a vast number of amenities! Examples include restaurants of all types, boutiques, shopping opportunities, and other types of venues. “Little Library” boxes line the streets, public art venues that are open to the public, and The John Hand Theater and the theater called The Soiled Dove Underground offers vast entertainment possibilities!

Since the creation of the Lowry neighborhood, it has been known as a popular location for those in search of new homes – be it to rent, to buy, or to flip. The values are high, but the prices are quite affordable! Prices are average for the nation – or lower! To purchase a home, you will pay an average of $300,000 – $1.83M. To rent, anywhere from $1.5K to $6.5K. These prices are perfect considering that the area is just over 40 minutes to Downtown Denver! There are many homes, apartments, complexes, condos, and duplexes that have housing availability. If you would like to know what is currently available, you may contact us here at Pioneer Property Management.

The architectural style in Lowry, Colorado varies immensely. There are many large single-family homes, a wide variety of townhouses that are modernly designed, custom-built residential units that are contemporary, spectacular condominium towers, and highly luxurious apartments. There is a special region of the neighborhood that is referred to as the “Town Center District”. This has mixed-use buildings that are for both commercial spaces and retail space. In what is referred to as the “Lowry West” area, there are historical homes, contemporary-based retail and commercial developments, as well as a widely popular library.

Being that Lowry is a neighborhood that is family-friendly, there are schools available for children of all ages. This ranges from pre-k to high school. It is also home to the Stanley British Primary School. This is an independent educational establishment and has just over 400 students. Currently, the student-teacher ration measures in at 11:1. It serves students K-9. There is a private school for grades 9-12. It is the Bishop Machebeuf High School. It is such a wonderful educational institution that it is recognized as an honor roll school with the National Catholic Education. The School of Denver is also available. It serves grades k-8. It is an International Baccalaureate school.

To truly appreciate the Lowry neighborhood, it is important to understand its history. For over 50 years, it served as the Lowry Air Force Base. It was here that military personnel were trained from all branches. It had aerial-based operations from the year 1938 to the year of 1966. Technical training was performed at this time. As air and space technology improved, specialists were being trained in the area at great numbers. Today, you can see remnants of this training by the motto “Sustineo Alas” – which means “I Sustain the Wings” – on many of the historical buildings situated throughout the neighborhood.

During the period of the 1950s, Lowry was known as the summer-based “White House” as President Dwight Eisenhower and his wife – Mamie – stayed there to be close to her family, who were located in the City of Denver. The President and his wife would fly in on the Columbine presidential airplane. They not only lived there, but attended services there at what is known as “Chapel No. 1”. During the years of 1955 through 1948, a permanent Air Force Academy was being built in Colorado Springs. During this time, it was actually located right in Lowry.

The neighborhood was named “Lowry” after Lt. Francis B. Lowry. This man lost his life while working as an aerial photographer during aerial-based combat in the U.S Army in France in the year of 1918. He was laid to rest just south of the neighborhood at the Alameda and Quebec in Fairmount Cemetery. There is a large monument at his grave. Today, which is over 100 years later, this monument still stands. Another interesting note pertaining to flight is that THE Charles Lindbergh landed his airplane at Lowry Field. This occurred on the 31st of August in the year of 1927 after he made his widely famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean

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