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Responding in a Positive Manner to Negative Evaluations in the Real Estate Agency You Work

There may come a time in your professional career in which you are subjected to an evaluation that is considered to be “less than favorable” – especially if you work as a real estate agent. Evaluations are a standard tool that employers everywhere use in order to measure performance, overall productivity, identifying strengths, and outlining weaknesses. This tool is considered one of the most productive tools that businesses can use in order to optimize the performance of employees. Given the current state of the economy, it is important to ensure that you do all that you are able to in order to learn from these evaluations. By learning how to go about responding in a positive manner to negative evaluations in the workplace, you can avoid becoming the next statistic among the unemployed.

The first method that you can use to respond in a positive manner to feedback from an evaluation that is considered to be negative is to make an acknowledgment. We all have a certain set of skills and tools that we can implement while fulfilling our responsibilities in real estate. If your performance is being strongly evaluated and it is found that you are not performing in the way that your employer wants you to perform, it is important to acknowledge that fact and explain that you did, in fact, use all the resources that you had at your disposal at the time in order to fulfill the tasks that were laid before you. This should be immediately followed by an interest to expand your skill set and expertise in order to improve the work that is required by your employer.

The second method that you can implement in order to respond in a way that is considered to be positive while enduring feedback that is not so positive is to be completely receptive to what your agency representative is saying. This may prove to be challenging, as you may not have believed that your performance was anything less than what is expected of it. However, it is important to remember that the perception of the employer is what truly matters in an evaluation, not your perception. If you have valid facts that you would like to use to defend your performance, simply wait your turn. Once you have a turn to speak, you may present any evidence that you have that will support your work. Avoid evaluation your performance with your employer by expressing feelings such as “I feel as I have done a good job”. It is essential to stick to the facts.

If you are presented with an evaluation in which you did not perform according to standards, do not allow it to become personal or offer excuses that rationalize your actions. Employers today opt for individuals that can separate their personal issues from their work and that will take responsibility when it is due. Simply acknowledge what your employer is expressing to you and then take 100% responsibility for the actions, or lack thereof. You should then inform your employer that you will be creating a full action plan in order to avoid experiencing these issues in the future. Employers enjoy having those work for them that will understand what is expected, take responsibility for what they do, and will resolve any issues that require it.

Once the end of the evaluation has been reached, be certain to thank the individual for their time and their feedback. Inform them that you will work to create an action plan that will help you perform in a more productive manner. Request an appointment with them within seventy-two hours so that you can share the action plan with them. This could be the one step that keeps you from standing in the unemployment lines. Employers typically try to refrain from hiring new help when they can simply strengthen their current workforce. If you fail to respond in the way that has been identified here, it is quite likely that your company will choose at least one person that is standing in the unemployment lines. Responding in a positive manner to negative evaluations is crucial to your success in the real estate industry!

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