Pioneer PM Guarantees


Maintenance is one of the most important aspects in the management of your home. Streamlined and efficient maintenance services is what preserves the value and integrity of your asset, and what keeps tenants satisfied and motivated to renew their leases. Thanks to our detailed, thorough, and in-depth maintenance services, Pioneer guarantees that maintenance performed on your home will be completed correctly the first time, or it will be fixed at NO additional cost to you.

Conditions for our Maintenance Guarantee:
*None! We are committed to providing the highest level of property maintenance for all of our owners.


Pioneer Property Management has a philosophy that evictions can and should be avoided. We have a 10+ year history of zero evictions and now provide this zero eviction guarantee to all of our clients. We process all tenant screening in-house and take proactive measures when trouble arises. If eviction of a PPM approved tenant is necessary, we will cover all court costs and waive the next leasing fee!

Conditions for our Zero Eviction Guarantee:

  • None! We are committed to making this a stable and profitable investment for you.


80% of tenants have pets in Colorado. We guarantee your property will not be damaged by any approved animal. Our process includes screening each pet, charging the tenant a reasonable fee, and a guarantee that you will not pay out of pocket for any approved pet related damages.

Conditions for our Pet Damage Protection Guarantee:

  • PPM will pay for up to $1,000 in damages exceeding the security deposit.
  • Carpet value is prorated based on 5-year lifespan.


When we place a tenant in your property, we guarantee they will complete the full term of their lease or we will re-lease the property at no additional charge to you! In addition, we will collect all rent for any periods of vacancy between tenants.

Conditions for our Tenant Retention Guarantee:

  • None! We stand by our tenants!